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This Woman Is Selling Her Used Boob Implants On eBay

This Woman Is Selling Her Used Boob Implants On eBay

Are secondhand boobs a thing now?

Ebay has truly changed our lives and given new meaning to the word ‘secondhand’.

From cars to kitchen appliances and even used razors, it seems there’s nothing you can’t find on the auction juggernaut. However, used breast implants aren’t something you’d expect to be able to buy on eBay – or, anywhere, for that matter.

But a woman named Katt is currently breaking the status quo by selling implants which have been in her body for the past 11 months, on the bidding site, where she describes them as being in ‘excellent condition’.

Explaining she has since swapped them for a different size, Katt claims the used implants are now completely sterile, but health experts argue they could pose a serious risk, as it’s impossible to return used implants to the same sterile state they once were in, coming straight from the manufacturer.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.19.33 am
The seller added this photo to her eBay listing.

“Touching any kind of medical device makes it instantly contaminated,” explains The Safety In Beauty campaign founder, Antonia Mariconda.

“Only sterile sealed new implants direct from manafacturer to surgeon, and only opened for the surgeon to surgically implant, should be used; not second hand knock-offs.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.19.16 am
The listing reads ‘Excellent condition. Only had in for 11 months’.

It is unclear why Katt’s surgeon let her keep her old implants in the first place, as they are usually disposed of after surgery, but it seems despite the health risks, the auctioneer will be successful selling them for her asking price of £200 pounds, as eight people have already shown interest in the silicone boobs, according to the Daily Mail.

It’s not the first time seemingly low cost items have attracted a bidding war on eBay; last year one of Kylie Jenner’s infamous lip kits, which typically retail for around $20, went for over $20,000 after it first sold out in stores.

Though TBH we’re not quite sure why anyone would want used breast implants, especially given the fact the exxy part of a breast augmentation is the actual surgery, rather than the implants themselves. But we feel oddly motivated to sell literally anything we don’t need anymore on eBay right now… Old leg hair, anyone??

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Comment: What’s the craziest item you’ve ever spent up big on on eBay?


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