Timberlake shy

June 15, 2004

Timberlake shy

Don’t film Justin
Sydney Justin Timberlake fans, be warned ? if you?re going to his concert this week, expect to be individually searched before you enter the venue. Yep, Mr Timberlake is so paranoid about being photographed, he?s ordered security officers at his concerts to search through back packs and handbags for cameras, recording equipment and of course alcohol. Fans should even expect a ?pat down? to make sure they haven?t got anything hiding in their clothes. The media has also been limited in what they can record ? questions about the Kylie butt squeeze, Britney and (of course) the Janet nipple action, are strictly forbidden. How boring.

Brad and Jen
Oceans 12 take over Rome
Two of Hollywood?s spunkiest stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been doing as the Romans do. The pair are in the Italian capital for their latest film Ocean?s Twelve, and are grabbing attention everywhere they go. Brad has been seen sipping a cappuccino and laughing with director Steven Soderbergh, while George was spotted shooting in various locations throughout the city. No doubt women all over Rome have been hoping to catch a glimpse of the studly pair. But Brad isn?t noticing, as wife Jennifer Aniston has flown into town.

Angelina and baby Maddox
Angelina?s rainbow vision
Angelina Jolie is stepping up her plans to expand her brood by visiting Russia. The Tomb Raider star has already adopted three-year-old Maddox from Cambodia in 2002. US Weekly reports that the bombshell is thinking of turning to Russia for her next child. An insider has told the mag that “by the end of the year, if everything goes well, she will have a new baby.” The 29-year-old has already visited Russia as a part of her goodwill ambassador duties for the UN High Commissioner. It is well known of her plans to have a rainbow family, but when questioned about having her own child, she says she has mixed feelings. ?I feel like if I did, I would be hounded by that one less child I took out of an orphanage,” she said last year. “My dream is to have under one roof many different cultures and many different religions. I think that would make for amazing people.”

Shrek, the star of Shrek 2
Short Takes
Shrek 2 has beaten Finding Nemo as Hollywood?s top grossing cartoon. It has taken US$354 million at the box office… Renee Zellweger has been given permission to lose weight after filming the Bridget Jones sequel… Actress Meg Ryan has denied having an affair with actor John Cusack, saying the only man she?s living with is her son, Jack.

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