Time For a Change? The Eyes Have it.

November 5, 2002

ACUVUE?2 COLOURS? has just released a range of soft disposable contact lenses in a range of natural looking colours: Opulent Blue, Luminous Green, Absolute Grey and Hypnotic Honey. Plus Green, Blue and Aqua enhancers; allowing you to match the colour of your eyes with the mood you are in. See the full colour range. Or you can use our Colour Selector to chose which colour is right for you.For a limited time you can be fitted with a pair of colour lenses for only $30*.Just visit your local Acuvue Optometrist and mention this offer before January 1, 2003.

ACUVUE?2 COLOURS?. Feel Free to be You.

*A consultation fee may be payable by you. Ask your Optometrist if any fees will be payable. Subject to patient suitability. Recommended retail price of pack of 2 powered lenses $30.00. Recommended retail price of pack of 2 non-powered (cosmetic) lenses $33.00 (incl. 10% GST). Prices do not include consultation fees. Your Optometrist will advise you if you qualify for Medicare Scheme Benefits or if fees are payable by you.

? ? Johnson & Johnson

tell a lot by a woman?s grooming. Ever noticed how the most well groomed woman in the room is always the one with her nails done? And ever noticed that you actually notice her for her nails? It might take a little bit of time out of your schedule, but we say it?s worth it and it shows you care – about yourself that is. Groom up and watch how differently men treat you when you?ve got the whole thing done?manicure and pedicure. It?s interesting, even as a social experiment.

Feet first:

You?re on a date. He smiles at you and then he looks down, for no particular reason – but unfortunately he is looking in the general direction of your feet. You panic. Your eyes move down and you spy those pesky little toes – the objects of your procrastination for two summers now with

chipped nail-polish and you suddenly hate them. You grimace at those heels that are crying out for some buffing – words like ?unkempt?, ?ungroomed? race around your head. It?s down right embarrassing because you feel that it speaks volumes about the real you. That night you spent last Sunday in front of the television you suddenly regret and so you should, because you could have done the pedicure then! If you?d taken another thirty seconds in the shower on Sunday, your heels could also be as smooth as silk and you wouldn?t have this revealing problem you?re faced with now.Don?t panic. The pedicure is easier than it seems and it needn?t blow the budget. It always feels like such a big deal – all that waiting, waiting, waiting. But try getting it done while you?re are doing something else. If the thought of slaving over your feet and waiting for various lacquers to dry before you can go anywhere bores you listless, then try incorporating into your domestic duties. (We all have them, male or female) Throw on the colour followed by a pair of thongs and get the grocery shopping done-or take the puppy for a walk or clean out the car. It need not be the waiting game it can sometimes feel like. When you look down at those feet of yours this summer and spy those toes poking out of your new sandals you should feel pride – not shame this summer. A pedicure does say a lot about you? although we?re not suggesting you judge a person by their feet!

We suggest to begin with:

Remove the old polish with a non-acetone remover. The great thing about this is that it won?t dry the nails out. Try Sally Hansen?s. She really knows her stuff when it comes to nails. ($4.95)

While in the bath or shower make a habit of scrubbing and buffing with a foot file or pedi-paddle. There are so many fantastic ones to keep in the bathroom. Manicare Pedicure?s Paddle we love for the price. ($4.50)

Cuticle softener is imperative. It softens cuticles and moisturises them at the same time. While you?re talking on the phone, use the shaped lid of the Manicare Natural Cuticle Softener Pen to very gently push them back. The product contains almond oil, so your cuticles ? top and toe, will thank you. ($12.95)

Clip nails after softening and soaking the feet. Cutting straight across is the key to getting a great shape, (the kind of shape that looks like a professional pedicure). We say go for Tweezerman?s Toenail Clipper, ($19.95) – a classic and reliable product.

Toe Separators will make the polishing side of things a lot easier. ($2.95) They are relaxing for the feet as well. Place them between the toes and polish away!


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