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17 Impossibly Tiny Tattoos For Commitment-Phobes

17 Impossibly Tiny Tattoos For Commitment-Phobes

Bigger isn’t always better.

I’ve been wanting to get inked for a long time now. It seems like I’m the last holdout among my group of friends: the only tattoo virgin left in the world. There’s just one problem: the thought of deciding on a design makes me feel sick to my stomach. After all, this is a decision I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life – and one I’ll be reminded of every time I look in the mirror. Just because I love something now, how can I know I’ll love it in thirty years?

If you’re a commitment-phobe like me, staying away from permanent ink altogether might seem like the best idea. But every time I see another friend’s new, super cute tattoo, I wish I weren’t so hesitant about every single decision in my life. That’s when I start to wonder: should just take the plunge and do it? Then I get nauseous again. What if I regret it?

It’s true that getting a tattoo is a huge decision. But there’s no reason you have to go full-on Adam Levine and cover your entire back with a mermaid-angel-hybrid. There are plenty of tiny tattoos that are too cute for this world – subtle, tasteful ones that seem like they’d be impossible to regret. And, depending on where you get inked, they’re easy cover up in case you find yourself in a situation where you’d rather not let your wild side show. Or, if you really do regret it, these wouldn’t be too painful or expensive to laser off.

For inspiration, just take a look at these 17 adorable tiny tattoos. Fair warning, though: once you get started, it might be hard to stop at just one…

1. This feminist statement


2. This summery palm tree


3. This simplified compass


4. This arty symbol


5. This adorable unicorn


6. This gorgeous diamond


7. These cute planets


8. This beachy shell


9. This elegant text


10. These stunning bracelets


11. This simple ribbon


12. This darling deer


13. This sweet heart


14. This motivational message


15. This delicate feline


16. This dreamy duo


17. And this nautical anchor


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Comment: Do you have any tattoos, or are you considering getting one?


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