Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Lips

March 14, 2006

Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Lips

Here are a few tricks and tips of the trade I would like to share, for fuller, poutier, sexier and longer lasting lipstick.

Lip Care
Moist, smooth lips hold color best. Stay pucker-pretty by following these basic tips for healthy lips: Give dry, flaky lips the brush-off; add “brushing your lips” to your morning ritual using a soft toothbrush or terry washcloth. Now add some lip balm to smooth the way for lipstick-worthy lips!

How to get Sexier Looking Lips
To make your lips look fuller and sexier, especially if you have thin lips, line lips first with lipliner then use light-coloured or neutral-shade lipsticks. Pale shades make lips look fuller.
Finish with a shimmer-gloss for Party-wear. To enhance a pout, dab a silver/shiny lip-gloss onto the centre of your lower lip.

How to Alter Lip Contours
Want lips that pout? Apply lipstick except in the centre of the mouth. Apply a lighter shade in the centre of the mouth and touch it up with lip gloss.
? For thinner lips apply foundation on the lips and outline lips with lip pencil (within the natural lip line). Fill in lipstick with a lip brush.
? To make thin lips look fuller, apply foundation on mouth area. Use a lip pencil to outline the lips just beyond the natural lip line and fill in with desired colour

Longer Lasting Lipstick
Here is a Hollywood trade secret used by myself and many celebrity make up artists:
? Apply foundation over lips first
? Apply lip liner to lips and fill in lipstick with a lip brush
? Bite onto a piece of tissue and blot lips
? Dust lips lightly with translucent powder
? Apply final coat of lipstick

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