Tips For First-Time Waxers

November 6, 2012

Thinking of waxing for the first time? Forget the fuss and expense of salons – Parissa’s Australian ambassador Kristin Fisher shares her top tips on achieving smooth, hair-free skin at home anytime.

1. When you apply the fabric strip over your wax, make sure you pull the strip back quickly. Be sure to pull the strip parallel with the body part you are waxing to avoid bruising. Bruising occurs when the strip is pulled directly ‘up’ and away from the skin and can be very painful!

2. You must hold your skin firmly. Think of stretching your skin back in the opposite direction that you will be pulling the strip off.

3. Spread the wax on in a paper-thin layer. This will make pulling the strip off much easier and less messy.

4. When waxing sensitive body parts make sure you don’t wax over the same area twice. If you’ve missed a couple of hairs just tweeze them at the end.

Waxing? Shaving? IPL? What’s your favourite hair removal method?

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