Tips For Reducing Stress And Pain

November 1, 2010

Tips For Reducing Stress And Pain

Dr. John D’Arcy from Sunrise and Health Matters shares his best tips for reducing stress and pain:

· Take the time to address one challenge at a time and stop trying to multi-task. Use a diary to write down the days stressors, ticking them off once done.

· Set aside 20 minutes each day to practice relaxation exercises. Simply going for a walk, boosts the mood hormone and your metabolism for 24 hours whilst having a relaxing effect on the body.

· Spend 15 minutes each day in the sun. Sunlight is vital for the creation of Vitamin D, which assists with keeping healthy strong bones and has a positive effect on your heart and muscles.

· Eat a balanced diet including two pieces of fresh fruit, five serves of vegetables and whole grains each day. Reduce sugar and saturated fat but enjoy lean protein from dairy, fish, chicken and meat – which makes you feel full, happy and less hungry.

· Do some “Green Exercise”. Outdoor exercise is great for the body and the natural vegetation calms the soul and natural light helps healing.

Panadol Extra recently launched in Australia and to coincide they conducted The Pain Threshold Survey. Some of the findings include:

– 63% of Australians believe that women have higher pain thresholds than males. Do you agree?

– Australians voted being a full time mother as a more stressful occupation than a politician, hospital surgeon, soldier in the army and owning a business. What do you think?

– One in five Australians suffer from aches and pains daily. Are you one of them?

– Australians are more likely to take pain killers on a Monday than any other day of the week.

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