Tips For Women Travellers, Part 2

December 6, 2012

This week we featured essential tips for women travellers from travel guru Victoria Ugarte. Today we’re sharing a few more, like how to stay safe in your hotel and how to use social media on the road.

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5. Stay safe in your accommodation

When staying at a hotel, request a room from the third floor upwards and away from a lift
or stairwell. Unlawful entry into your hotel room is made easier from the ground floor, while
lifts and stairwells make convenient getaway exits. Double bolt the door when inside your
room, keep drapes closed at night, and should someone come knocking, verify who the
person is before answering. After having eaten alone in your room, ring housekeeping and
request that someone collect the tray from your room instead of leaving the tray outside,
which displays that you are on your own.

When meeting someone for the first time, it’s
best to choose as your rendezvous point the hotel lobby or cafe close by rather than your

Avoid staying at hotels that are close to embassies, consulates, or main square if
traveling to political “hotspots”. These are places where large demonstrations are likely to
take place, which can turn violent without warning.

6. Be cautious with social media

Twitter and Facebook are wonderful tools for communication. However, discretion is the
key. Avoid posting about where you are staying and where you’ll be heading to next. Its
safer to post about a particular destination after you have left it.

7. Take note of international travel alerts

All travelers must read the travel advisories. As well as providing current and important
security information, they cover other topics such as health issues and local laws, which
assist all travelers and expats living overseas to make informed decisions. For Australians,
go to:

Victoria Ugarte, the Intrepid Traveler, is a leading expert on travel and culturally-correct behavior. She spends three months out
of every year traveling the world, keeping her readers posted on exciting destinations,
latest travel tips, and travel inspiration. Based in Sydney, Victoria is the author of several books including “Culture Savvy for
Women.” Visit Victoria at

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