Tips For Being Influential In The Workplace

November 6, 2014
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The workplace is a very competitive environment so who better to advise on influencing others / standing out from the crowd than a trained performing arts professional. Often it is the little things people forget that can really help to get ahead:

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1. Be prepared: Conceptualise and write down notes to give yourself a brief overview of the main objectives you want to deliver. This will calm the nerves and get you back on track if your mind draws a blank during the meeting/presentation. It is also very important to actively rehearse too. It is the practical rehearsal that will give you the edge and make you aware of any nervous habits you might have including playing with your clothes or biting your lip.

2. Check the tech: Make sure that your technology is up to the task ahead of presenting/ a meeting. Ensure your equipment is as prepared as you are!

3. Activate your conversations: Ask questions, actively look and listen, participate and speak clearly. Engagement in the conversation will make you more memorable and hopefully lead to more advantageous outcomes for everyone. Remember, if you listen, they will listen to you.

4. Engage with energy: We have the power to influence others so be the one who creates positive change. This can be by the way you enter into a conversation, a room or a meeting.  Good strong energy can be your confidence booster and can change the mood and tone of the whole meeting including other participants.

5. Create a great shape: Lift up through the body, open the shoulders, engage with your eyes and gestures and create length through both legs. Your posture and stance can have a real effect on how you interact with other people and how people perceive you. Think and stand big!

6. Sounding off!: The voice and the body work together to create a powerful presentation of your objectives, so find your pitch, pace and volume to work with your situation.

7. Watch What you Wear: Being comfortable and confident in your physical presentation can increase your confidence and lead to better interaction with others whether it be colleagues, clients, upper management or suppliers.

8. Back yourself: You deserve to be there so own your space. Remind yourself that if you have done the work, you have a right to be there so believe in yourself.

By Kylie Bonaccorso, an expert in body language and vocal communication, two skills which she utilises in her role as a NIDA Corporate Performance tutor. Kylie has been a teacher, lecturer, actor and director for over 20 years and holds a Diploma of Education and a B.A. Theatre Studies and Communication from the University of New England.

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