Tips to Make Moving House Easy

November 29, 2013

Moving house this weekend? It’s never fun, but Sydney Ute Hire’s Louis Synathis has a few tried-and-tested tips to help make moving as easy and stress-free as possible.

1. Simple, but often forgotten
Have everything packed up a couple days before the move. Leaving it to the last minute means that you run the risk of forgetting or breaking something or hurting yourself.

2. Pick up the keys beforehand
Ideally a day or two before the move and confirm all the arrangements with the real estate agent. If you can’t pick them up, have the agent leave the keys in the mailbox or hidden in the garden.

3. Charge your phone
Make sure your mobile phone has been fully charged the night before and that you put the charger in the glove box. Some of the other ‘essentials’ are water, snacks and a road map – just in case.

4. Have a plan for the day
You don’t want to start too late and then have to move in the dark. You may want to consider loading up your transport the night before so you get started earlier.

5. Have all your boxes labelled with ‘fragile’ or ‘heavy’
This will make the stacking process a lot less confusing and potentially dangerous.

6. Don’t underestimate how much you have to move
Make sure that your vehicle can hold everything you are moving, so make sure you have or rent the right vehicle. Nothing is going to cost you more time and money on the day than driving back and forth between locations to repack.

7. Don’t rush
Your goal shouldn’t be to load up and move as quickly as possible; if you rush, you run the risk of forgetting something, or worse, doing something lazily, make mistakes and could hurt yourself. Sometime you are going to have to accept that the move may take more than a day.

8. Strap everything down!
The last thing you want is your stuff rolling around in the back of a van or flying out onto the road and into traffic. Invest or borrow in some ratchet or occy straps to make sure everything stays where you want it.

9. Don’t try and do everything yourself
Unless you are a seasoned moving veteran, there is probably something you are going to forget about, so bring a friend to double check everything.

10. Leave the pets and kids at home for the move
If you have pets or kids, try not to bring them along for the initial move. There are a lot of moving parts and heavy objects around, so it could potentially pose a danger to have them running around as you move.

What are your best tips for moving house?

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