Tips To Secure The Perfect Rental Property

May 31, 2015
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Finding the perfect rental property is one thing, but actually having your application accepted is another. The rental market is reasonably competitive, so getting the right property at the right price can prove to be quite a task. What often happens is that people have to settle for overpriced or substandard accommodation because they are tying to secure a permanent home within a specific time frame. Sound familiar?

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Most people searching for the perfect rental property are basically at the mercy of the market, unless they know someone who is leasing their perfect property, or are in the industry themselves. Let’s face it, both scenarios rarely apply, therefore you need to know effective ways to make it happen.

Get Positive Attention

If you’re attending an open inspection with a host of other interested parties, make yourself known to the agent or owner.  Present yourself in a positive way through your clothing, the way you speak, what you say and how you present yourself. Basically everything you’d do in a job interview.

Secondly, don’t have too many people tag along with you. I know it can be an exciting time, but there will be plenty of time for friends to see the new place later. Only take people who will reside at the property. For younger people trying to secure their first rental property, I’d advise to take a parent with you. Taking a parent shows the agent or owner family involvement.

How To Apply

Once you’ve seen the property you’ll need to submit an application. Email the agent or owner directly. Websites like Domain and realestate.com.au have online facilities through a third party called Form 1. Most agents accept these, however, they don’t check applications via this system unless they are made aware of it. Therefore, I’d suggest avoiding these applications until agents use them more frequently.

Instead, owners and agents prefer to have prospective tenants fill out their specific applications. Most have copies at open inspections that can be completed, scanned or photographed and emailed directly. This is the best way to apply and get the attention your application deserves.

Completing The Application

Home owners or property managers are often overloaded with paperwork, therefore they need to have a process of elimination. Their initial way of sorting through them is to look for incomplete applications and put these aside. They don’t want to waste their time chasing up details and also it’s an indication of how serious possible tenants are about renting the property.

Also, provide all the accompanying documentation when you submit the application and where possible prove a recent rental ledger. These are available from agents via email on request. If you really want a property make it as easy as possible for the person processing the application.

Contact References About Your Application

When supplying references with applications always contact them prior to submitting it. It might be a former agent or owner, work colleague or personal reference. Plus, provide agents and owners with easy contact details in order to make calls and check out your credentials. Where possible provide a day-time phone number for all references. They often ask for emails, but phone calls are generally the most effective form of contact.

Additional Extras

If you are exceptionally keen on a property, put some time and effort into an application. Submit a brief letter with your application explaining your circumstances and include anything agents and home owners look for. Things like having a secure job or stable income, family members with disabilities, if you’ve been a previous home owner and alike. These all get regarded by the owner in making their final decision. Even if an agent is processing applications, the owner will have the final say in who they want living in their property. Stand out from the crowd and entice them to select you.

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