Tips to Treat Your Bridesmaids on a Budget

November 7, 2014

Remember that scene in Bridesmaids where they all get food poisoning in the bridal boutique? Prior to the horror that eventuated, there was a squabble close to the hearts of bridesmaids everywhere – the price of the dress.

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It is custom for the bridesmaids to purchase their own dresses. Unfortunately, deciding on a dress can be problematic. It is rare that all your bridesmaids will have the same body shape, but more importantly, it isn’t really fair to ask others to pay for a dress they don’t want and will probably never wear again, especially if it is out of their budget.

For a bridesmaid, the dress is only the start! We also have the bachelorette party, a wedding present and an engagement present, accessories and any other wedding events we are expected to attend. Fortunately, SHESAID has a few tips to save you and your bridesmaids a few extra dollars.

1. The dress

The bottom line is that a bridesmaid shouldn’t be forced to pay for a dress she can’t afford. However, to avoid tension in this area, the bride should select a color and/or material, and have the bridesmaids style or select their own dress to fit the theme. This will allow them to spend as much or little as they like, as well as help them feel comfortable and confident on the day.


2. The bachelorette party

Don’t organise a party in Vegas if nobody can afford it. Sure, people are welcome to stay at home and avoid the cost, but be prepared to party alone. If you are heading to a bar or club, ask everyone to donate a certain amount of cash to the bar tab ($50-$100 each) and don’t make any outrageous requests on someone else’s pocket. In my opinion, hosting a bridal shower at home is the most fun – and certainly the most financially savvy – way to go. It also allows you to better control the time and theme, save on the booze and cater accordingly.


3. The makeup, hair and accessories

It is generally assumed that the bride will pay for hair and makeup if she wants her bridesmaids to look a certain way. However, if you aren’t a fussy bride, have the bridesmaids do their own makeup or enlist the assistance of a friend. Ditto with the hair. There are so many easy hairstyles to try at home. It might even be fun to have a trial day with you and your closest gal pals. Fortunately, we can now buy accessories from online boutiques or e-tailers like Etsy or Ebay.


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