To Shave…Or Not To Shave?

November 26, 2012

Boys, boys, boys…we want them to groom themselves – but not too much! NIVEA FOR MEN Shave it or Save it style spokesperson Melissa Hoyer shares her tips on what women want – to grow a beard, or shave it off, and how to keep their man looking hot this summer! The jury is still out with Ryan Gosling!

What are your five top tips for men who want to grow facial hair?

1. Make sure you keep your facial hair clipped and tidy, otherwise you will take on the homeless vibe…But that MAY be want you want!

2. Really look after the skin underneath your beard… It won’t miraculously moisturise or exfoliate itself!

3. And in the height of hot summer, still use a sunscreen – even within your clipped beard! Sun always has a way of making its way onto every exposed part of the body!

4. Avoid growing too much hair on the neck and under the chin and jowls – it can look incredibly ageing and untidy.

5. And embrace your salt and pepper, closely clipped beard – most women find them very sexy…So remember that!

What are your thoughts on the trend for men growing facial hair?

I really don’t think it is purely down to laziness, but more a way of a guy using a beard as an accessory. Let’s face it, men don’t have the accessory choices like us women do, so to grow either a full-on, or a cropped beard is the way many guys can express an individual vibe.

Because lots of high profile celebs have flirted with them too (Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Mr Clooney, Mr Beckham) many mere mortal men are taking their lead and attempting the good look too.

How can men have their cake and eat it too – say, have facial hair and still look good, please their partners, attract the ladies…?

To be honest, keep it neat and tidy, soft and not too spikey…There’s nothing worse than a chick breaking out with a dose of major beard rash!

Do you prefer a man with facial hair?

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