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July 20, 2009

Hayden’s a coffee table hottie!

Check out this pic of teen good-girl Hayden Panettiere. A coffee table photo book entitled Room 23, by Diana Jenkins and Deborah Anderson, features the likes of George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, Kid Rock, Sharon Stone, James Blunt, Cindy Crawford, Elton John and Hayden! Wow, can’t to see that one.

Mischa still in psych ward

Mischa Barton remains under an involuntary psychiatric hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s in Los Angeles. So what landed her there in the first place? Friends were worried the star was suicidal so they called the police. “She’s in very bad shape,” an insider told the the New York Times. “She’s running out of money and can’t find love, so now she is looking for a good time to escape her misery. She is on a downward spiral. She is a suicidal, uninsurable mess.” That’s terrible news! We hope she gets better soon.

No love lost between Nick and Jess

Looks like Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson won’t be getting back together anytime soon. While Nick broke up with Vanessa Minnillo in June he says he’s not on great terms with his ex. “I certainly have heard about her breakup and I wish her the best, as I’ve always done. I haven’t talked to her in probably two years. I wish her happiness. That’s where it pretty much ends.” Well that’s that then!

Lauren bags Heidi’s boobs

Ah, you gotta love a good catfight and it seems Lauren Conrad has won this battle. When asked her ex-BFF posing for the September issue of Playboy, Lauren referenced Montag’s surgically enhanced breasts and said: “They’re not going to pay for themselves.” Touche!

”New Moon” soundtrack

With the movie set to be released in the States on November 20 it’s now time to sort out the soundtrack. So who will get a bite, we mean bait? “American Idol” winner Adam Lambert wants to record a song for it and so do Kings of Leon. Director Chris Weitz says, “I am surprised at some of the bands that have said they’re interested… Thom Yorke is interested; we might, if we’re very lucky, get Kings of Leon to do something.”

Blake wants Amy’s money!

As if Amy Winehouse doesn’t have enough problems now her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil is demanding $9.7 million for being the inspiration behind her award-winning album, Back to Black! Why??? Because he supplied her with drugs, physically abused her and cheated on her. I hope he doesn’t get a dime.

Matthew McConaughey getting hitched!

Matt and his long-time girlfriend, Camila Alves, are set to walk down the aisle. They have a son together, Levi, and are expecting a second child later this year. A friend told the National Enquirer that, “Camila was fine about not being married when they had their first child a year ago, but she wants a ring on her finger before their next baby arrives.”

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