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January 13, 2010

Britney Spears is a “nightmare” girlfriend

The 28-year-old singer recently split from agent Jason Trawick, who she began dating last year. Although neither has spoken about the circumstances surrounding the end of the relationship, it has been claimed Jason struggled to cope with Britney’s demanding ways.

“He’s a little sad, but also relieved,” a source told Britain’s Star magazine. “She’s a nightmare to date. He’s been hanging out with his guy friends for the first time in months.”

It has been claimed Britney did not like Jason, who has worked with stars including Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff, dealing with female clients. She is said to have objected to him speaking to women on the phone, even though it was an essential part of his job.

“Jason had all but moved into Britney’s house in Calabasas in California, but he was growing increasingly annoyed with her demanding ways,” the source added. “Every time his phone rang, Britney would freak out that it was a girl calling him. It was ridiculous. She went from being bossy Britney to a stage five hurricane. She’s so spoilt and has to do everything her own way.”

Jude Law is planning to propose to Sienna Miller

The actor is once again besotted with his former fiancée and planning to get down on one knee within the next few weeks. Jude previously asked Sienna to marry him on Christmas Day in 2004. She accepted, but their relationship ended in 2006 after he admitted to having an affair with his children’s nanny. Now, friends say the 37-year-old star has realised Sienna is his soul mate, and is keen to cement their love as soon as possible.

“Sienna was always the one,” an insider told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “And now she is back in his life he never wants to let her go again. Jude was a lost soul without Sienna. They have ironed out their old differences and are ready to move on.”

Sienna, 28, is also said to be keen to commit to Jude once more. She has had several high-profile relationships since splitting from the actor – including romances with Balthazar Getty and Rhys Ifans – and has finally realised she wants Jude back.

A friend said: “Sienna’s fed up of the single life and wants to be with Jude for good.”

Beyonce Knowles is taking a break from making music

“It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries,” Beyonce told the USA Today newspaper. “I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.”

Beyonce decided to reduce her workload after experiencing many different cultures on her world tour, which took her to many places she had never visited before. The 28-year-old beauty says travelling made her realise there was more to life than being in a recording studio. She has now made a list of things she wants to achieve that don’t involve her career.

“When I was touring I didn’t want to just perform and stay in the hotel. I visited the pyramids in Egypt. I saw the Great Wall of China and went out in the middle of the ocean in Australia to see the whales. I actually got sprayed in the face. I made some great memories this year and really learned to enjoy life,” she revealed. “When I got home, I wrote out a contract with myself. I made a list of everything I want to do that has nothing to do with music. Well, some of it does. But I promised myself that I would not go back on tour or in the studio until I finished these things.”

Beyonce’s list includes enrolling in a class, going to the movies and theatre, eating out in restaurants and spending more time with her five-year-old nephew. Although she is looking forward to time out from the music industry, Beyonce admits she doesn’t know if she will be able to completely switch off from work.

She explained: “It will be the hardest thing in the world for me to make myself not do an album and shoot a video and turn it in and say, ‘I’m ready!’ I already have all these melodies and ideas in my head. I have to tell myself, ‘Sit down! Sit down!’ “

Charlize Theron is attracted to men with hairy butts

The Hollywood star has been in a relationship with actor Stuart Townsend for seven years, and is blissfully happy. She finds him devilishly handsome, and is particularly keen on his hirsute figure.
“I’ve dated very different men, although I’ve always been partial to a hairy crack and a plumber’s butt,” she laughed. “Stuart is my ideal partner – he’s a catch and he’s hot!”

Charlize and Stuart are not married, with the actress previously saying she would not feel right tying the knot until gay people are free to marry.
The pair hope to start a family before long, with 34-year-old keen to have a baby in the near future. “We both want to have children. I know I’ll be a mother some day and that Stuart will be my children’s father. We’ve talked about it a lot – if it happened tomorrow I’d be over the moon. I’ve always had a fantasy of raising children on a farm just like I was,” she explained to Look magazine.

Cash Warren dissed Nicole Richie

In bizarre news of the week Cash Warren has posted a picture of a snarling hairless rat with the caption “Nicole Richie in her birthday suit” on the internet.

The actor – who is married to Jessica Alba – turned 31 yesterday. He was overwhelmed by the number of fans who sent him birthday messages and decided to reward them by poking fun at the reality TV star.

He wrote on his Twitter page: “Thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. Special thanks to nicolerichie for sending me this bday pic of her in her bday suit (sic).”

Cash then posted a link to the grotesque image of the rat.

The star later sent a message to Nicole’s partner Joel Madden declaring his love for Nicole and Joel’s daughter Harlow, who turns two today.
Cash wrote: “Harlow and I are BFF’s – you should listen to the mixtape she made me for my bday (sic).”


David Beckham has a new tattoo

The soccer superstar revealed a large black and white etching of Jesus on his lower right abdomen, taken from a painting by Matthew R. Brooks called The Man Of Sorrows. In the image, Jesus is seen wearing a crown of thorns as he sits bent over. The British athlete flashed the new piece of body art when he took his top off after playing for Italian team AC Milan yesterday.

This is David’s third tattoo featuring Christian iconography. The 34-year-old also has a crucifix on the back of his neck and a guardian angel between his shoulders, which is framed by the names of two of his sons, Cruz and Romeo.

He’s not going to have any room on his body left soon!

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