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Tom and Naomi disapprove of Nic’s romance

Tom and Naomi disapprove of Nic’s romance

Tom and Naomi disapprove of Nic’s romance

Besties Naomi and Nicole
It seems Nicole Kidman?s best friend and ex-husband agree with the rest of the world in wondering what she sees in current beau Steve Bing. Apparently both Naomi Watts and Tom Cruise are warning Nicole to end her romance before it?s too late, a friend saying, “Tom is unhappy Steven is in the picture.” It is the less than gentlemanly reputation that follows Steve Bing which makes him a poor choice for Nicole. Not only does he have a long string of ex-girlfriends, but he denied paternity of Liz Hurley?s then unborn child, claiming she was dating other men besides him throughout their relationship. It was later claimed their son, Damien, is indeed his child. We have to agree with Tom and Naomi on this one.

Jet Li
Celebrity Tsunami support
Martial arts star Jet Li has a bigger reason than most to donate to the Tsunami relief fund ? he was caught up in the deadly wave as it hit the coast of the Maldives. He was holidaying with his family, and had to run from the waves to save his life. “The waves came really quickly and formed swirls. I carried my daughters and pulled my maid and ran. I’d only walked three steps when I realized that the water had already come up to my waist. When I looked back, everything I saw minutes ago was gone. Everything was surrounded by the ocean. The houses collapsed. I continued to run but the water was already up to my mouth.” His family eventually found life jackets and waited for the second round of waves to hit the island before leaving their hotel. He donated $158,000 to the relief fund. Other celebrities who have generously donated are Sandra Bullock, who donated $1 million to the Red Cross, Leonardo Di Caprio, who donated a ?sizable? amount to UNICEF, Stephen Spielberg and the Osbournes. David Beckham will launch a worldwide appeal to help victims by starring in a children?s charity TV and Radio commercial that will urge the public to give to UNICEF. Angelina Jolie plans to adopt one of the children orphaned by the tragedy and as the UN?s Goodwill Ambassador, plans to travel to Sri Lanka in coming weeks to help out. Let?s hope we see more celebrities pledge their support in coming weeks.

Such a pretty face… Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter almost burnt alive
Aaron Carter was in a near death experience last week when his car burst into flames while he was driving. Aaron was on his way to a photo shoot in Orlando when a mattress fell of the roof of the car in front of him, trapping itself under his Cadillac Escalade. Aaron said, “I pulled over, I got out and I looked under my car and I was like, ‘Oh no, it’s on fire.’ I had a couple bottles (of water) in my car and I went under (the vehicle) and I started trying to put ’em out. My girlfriend (Monique Decormier) came and she pulled me away. The crazy thing was is when she pulled me away, it lit from underneath, all around the side of the car. The way I could’ve reacted and the way I did probably saved my life.”

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