Tom rules out reconciliation

August 10, 2004

Tom rules out reconciliation

In happier times
Don?t believe the weekly trashy mags this time, Tom Cruise has gone on US TV and stated to leading entertainment journo Diane Sawyer that he has no thoughts of a reunion with his former wife Nicole Kidman. He continued to play the ?just good friends? line, although Sawyer did try to press him into a positive answer, Sawyer asked Cruise straight out: “It’s not going to happen?” Cruise’s response was that he and Kidman were friends: “Partners with our kids and someone I care about very deeply.” When Sawyer pushed the issue and asked Cruise if “never in a minute, in any part of your brain” had he thought of getting back with Kidman, Cruise may have squirmed in his chair but still remained stern faced and answered no to the probing question. Damn just when we thought there was a chance for the Hollywood ending for our Nic!

Anyone for an adventure with Tom?!
Cruise admits still looking for an adventurous woman
Tom Cruise may be single, but that doesn’t mean he has given up on love and marriage. “I will never be down with love. Ever. I’m the guy who loves relationships. I love women,” Cruise was quoted as saying in Britain’s Daily Mirror. “I’m the guy who’s going to get married again. I’m not going to give up on that. I really love that kind of friendship and intimacy.” According to Cruise, his ideal woman would have adventurous pursuits. “She has to have a great sense of humor and not mind having a little adventure in her life,” he said. “I like riding motorcycles and flying airplanes and I want someone who’s going to enjoy doing the things I enjoy.” Cruise’s first two marriages, to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, ended in divorce, and the 42-year-old actor split with girlfriend Penelope Cruz in March. But the Mission: Impossible star tells the paper he is still on friendly terms with Kidman and the two share custody of their children Isabella, 12, and Connor, 9. “The relationships I’ve had, I’ve found very fulfilling. I’ve learned and I’ve grown from them and I have no regrets. It’s a great time in my life,” he said. Applications anyone?

Mary Kate
Mary-Kate Munches
“I’m doing great.” So says Mary-Kate Olsen in US Weekly, as she speaks out for the first time since completing a six-week stint in rehab for a reported eating disorder. The 18-year-old pint-sized power player has reportedly added 10 pounds to her frail frame and is eager to let the public know that her life is returning to normal. “You go through things, and then you get through it all and move on,” she waxes philosophically. The magazine tracks Mary-Kate’s current caloric intake in a food diary, detailing everything from a sushi dinner with boyfriend David Katzenberg to breakfast with sister Ashley. Also crowding her agenda are group therapy sessions and sit-downs with psychiatrists and nutritionists. The twins even found time to reunite with their former Full House uncle John Stamos. They all caught Bob Saget‘s stand-up act at the Laugh Factory, which apparently isn’t the appetite killer we assumed it would be.

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