Top 10 Beauty Tips From SheSaid Readers

December 21, 2010

Top 10 Beauty Tips From SheSaid Readers

1. I have a face towel I use only for soaking in cold green tea 3 times a week and using as a refresher on my face. Just divine!

2. To remove the redness in pimples, dab a cotton tip with eye drops on it into the spot and hey presto, redness gone.

3. Clear mascara on the eyebrows works a treat for keeping them looking smooth and in shape.

4. Home made exfolliant using oatmeal and avocado weekly to remove dead skin cells and to keep you looking fresh and young.

5. Make up Remover – Lemon and Sugar. I have been using this for years. Take a cotton pad, squeeze on some juice and a small amount of sugar and exfoliate. It will remove the toughest makeup.

6. Smooth skin mask – Manuka honey, mix egg white, mix milk makes a mask that gives you the smoothest skin.

7. Paw Paw ointment for scratches, bites, rough skin, chapped lips…. it’s a wonder product with a multitude of uses.

8. Toothpaste on pimples! Swear by it even if it does make you sticky – do it a night!

9. Home made face mask aloe vera, watermelon & avocado. All the lines in my face disappear with 30 mins of applying.

10. Home made sugar body scrub. 1 cup white sugar, 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice, mix together! Great anti cellulite all over body scrub. Very refreshing.

Keep sending in your best beauty tips! We love them!

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