Top 10 Christmas Movies for Adults

December 9, 2014

Just because you’re no longer a child, doesn’t mean you can’t sit down and get all gooey over your favorite Christmas movie! Here are our favorite films to be enjoyed by adults.

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10. Family Stone

Sarah Jessica Parker goes home to meet her boyfriend’s family on Christmas – and it is awkward. Diane Keaton is the characteristically awesome mom, Rachel McAdams is the dark and dry-humored sister, and Dermot Mulroney is the eye candy.

9. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Perhaps you had forgotten this film takes place between two Christmases: the one where Renee Zellweger is insulted by Colin Firth and his reindeer sweater, and the one where Renee Zellweger runs through the streets of London in her underwear to kiss Colin Firth.

8. Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton plays a sad, alcoholic con man who dresses as Santa once a year to rip off department stores – because, of course. Laughs ensue when he meets an adoring kid who thinks he’s the real Mr Claus.

7. Joyeux Noel

For a change of pace, try a french-language dramatization of the Christmas eve truce that happened along the Western Front during WW1.

6. Elf

Another comedy for the adults! This one follows Will Ferrell – a man adopted by Santa and raised as an elf returns to New York City as an adult to find his birth father. This happens, right?

5. Scrooged

Bill Murray.

4. The Holiday

Cameron Diaz – an uptight film trailer editor (what?) – and Kate Winslet – victim of unrequited love – swap houses for the holidays. The houses they swap are a Beverly Hills mansion and a fairytale stone cottage in the English countryside, so you can imagine things work out rather nicely.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Poor Clark Griswold – an all American dad just trying to provide for his family and ogle Christie Brinkley on trips to Wally World. This time, he’s just doing what we’ve all been doing for years – trying to get through the family Christmas.

2. Home Alone 1 and 2

Perhaps this is technically a kid’s movie. But I do think the fact that two bandits are trying to kill an abandoned child calls for some adult supervision… and let’s be honest, you’re still jealous of Macaulay Culkin’s booby trapping genius.

1. Love Actually

What did we all watch prior to the release of the greatest Christmas movie of all time?! Talk about a feel-good flick. You won’t be able to control your tear ducts for all the joy (and a few not-so joyous moments). You will fall in love with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant and that guy who is now in the Walking Dead… But definitely not with Alan Rickman. You know why.

Top 10 christmas movies for adults

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