Top 10 Eco Friendly Gifts For Mother’s Day

May 4, 2011

Top 10 Eco Friendly Gifts For Mother’s Day

Spoil your Mum not Mother Earth this Mother’s Day. Todae, Australia’s favourite sustainable living store suggests that you move beyond the traditional slippers, jammies and flowers and think of something ultra-original and eco-friendly to give to your mum.

1. Serving Suggestion

Bambu Coiled Bamboo Mini Me Bowls are hand crafted using traditional bamboo coiling and are coated with food-safe lacquer from the cashew nut tree. Made of sustainable materials, the deep-dish serving bowls are available in bold colours to give any dish an exotic, and eco-friendly twist. RRP $24.95.

2. Secret Garden

Does your Mum have a green thumb? Pocket Garden is a fun and easy way to grow
organic herbs from home. Simply cut open the sealed packet, add seeds and water to watch the garden grow! Today’s range includes coriander. dill, chamomile, oregano and basil. RRP $12.95.

3. Bags of Style

Get your Mum to go green without giving up her sense of style! Made from
recycled rice bags, the Cecile Small Shopper Bags are available in a range of colours so your Mum can shop the eco-friendly way and still stay stylish. RRP $19.95.

4. Solar Chic

Small, compact, lightweight and powerful – this is a must have gadget for on-the-go Mums. The Powermonkey eXplorer provides essential solar power for mobile
phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other portable gadgets. Using solar
panels to collect sunlight, the Powermonkey eXplorer will give your Mum 90 hours
of standby on her mobile, 40 hours on her iPod, and 48 hours on her PDA without
using a scrap electricity. RRP $129.00.

5. Hot Coffee, Cool Earth

A winner for working Mums that grab their coffee to go, the KeepCup is a funky
and environmentally friendly reusable coffee cup made from polypropylene.
Caffeine loving Mums can ditch the pesky disposable cups for something that can
be used again and again. The KeepCup is available in small and large sizes.
RRP from $12.95.

6. Natural Shade

If your Mum is the epitome of cutting-edge cool, get her a pair of Waiting for
the Sun sunglasses. Light, comfortable and high in quality, these stylish
sunglasses are made from natural bamboo and teawood to keep your Mum’s
peepers protected without the use of plastic. RRP $189.

7. Purify With Bamboo

Give your mum the gift of purity with the Bamboo Room Deodoriser. Purify the home and improve your health and wellbeing with chic and functional bamboo charcoal. Packed with billions of porous pockets, the bamboo charcoal absorbs odours and moisture as well as chemical and electromagnetic waves, purifying the air in your Mum’s home while keeping it odour free and family friendly. RRP $19.95.

8. A Card and Gift Rolled Into One

Send Mum something special this Mother’s Day with a beautiful card and present
rolled into one. The Candle Card comes with a sheet of beeswax and cotton wick so your Mum to create her very own sentimental candle. Simply place the cotton wick in the middle and roll the beeswax to create a beautiful candle that burns for hours. RRP $7.95.

9. 1,000 Books and No Paper!

If your Mum loves to read, then the ECO Reader is the ideal eco friendly pressie! A
paperless book with a battery that lasts for days and a memory that holds 1000 books, the Eco Reader is as small and light as a paperback novel – without the paper – and comes pre-loaded with 21 classics. RRP $465.00.

10. Honey ‘n’ Herb Shampoo Bar

The Honey & Herb Shampoo Bar is a luscious and luxurious bar that leaves hair
nourished with a natural shine. This chemical-free handmade bar is rich in plant
and nut oils as well as herbs to clean hair thoroughly and gently. RRP $10.95.

Todae stocks hundreds of stylish, sustainable products sourced
from around the globe. Your Mum might be notoriously difficult to shop for but we’re pretty sure she’ll be chuffed with these gift suggestions that spoil her without spoiling Mother Earth. Buy your gifts online at or visit Todae at 83 Glebe Point Road, Glebe in Sydney.

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