Top 10 Hair Tips Of All Time

September 13, 2011

Hair extraordinaire and Pantene expert stylist Barney Martin shares his top 10 tips for hair care, cutting and styling.

1.      You should wet your hair with fresh water before swimming in chlorinated swimming pools, this will help prevent the harsh chemicals penetrating the cuticle and drying your hair out.?

2.      Try to avoid over bleaching your hair in summer, the sun will naturally lighten your hair so avoid over colouring in the lead up to the hotter months?.

3.      Avoid heat styling every day – summer is the best time to let your hair dry naturally, try having a heat free day once a week (this should be a rule you stick to all year round).?

4.      To combat the drying effects of the elements when your hair is left with little moisture, I’d suggest going into your salon regularly to have deep conditioning treatments, especially if you have bleached hair. These will help restore the lost moisture and will also help close the cuticle and make the hair more shiny and manageable, rather than brittle and susceptible to breakage.?

5.      If you’ve ever wanted to try out a fringe, winter is the time to do it. Make sure you pop into the salon every three weeks for a fringe trim. If you’re a regular client your hairdresser should provide this as a complimentary service.?

6.      Make sure you always use heat protection sprays and serums when blow drying or straightening your hair.?

7.      Ask advice from your hairdresser to work out your hair type so next time you are shopping for shampoo and conditioner you know what to look for. E.g. if you have fine hair, go for volumising products.?

8.      Always allow an extra 5 minutes to your routine for those days you want your hair to look great…and have patience!?

9.      If you have straight hair and want to give it some more waves, go to bed with your hair damp in a twisted top knot. Let it out in the morning for natural-looking beachy waves. Spritz with hairspray to hold.?

10.  Treat your hair styling tools as an investment for great hair. The cheaper brands may be tempting but spending a little extra and the results will pay off.

Is hair care important to you?

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