Top 10 Oscars Worst Dressed

March 1, 2011

Top 10 Oscars Worst Dressed

Melissa Leo

Melissa dropped the f-bomb during her best supporting actress acceptance speech, but also dropped an f-bomb – a fashion bomb – in this hideous lace dress with boxy shoulder and upturn collar.

Cody Horn

At what point did this pretty young thing think this look was a good idea? Saving on a Halloween costume? And let’s just say it: black lace fingerless gloves are creepy.

Jennifer Hudson

The colour is great, but this is just so OTT. Jennifer may have lost a lot of weight and achieved a body to die for, but squeezing in those puppies makes her look crass, not class.

Amy Adams

Amy was on the best dressed list for many but I hated it! Those cap sleeves are neither here nor there, and the higher neck doesn’t do her any favours – especially with that necklace that doesn’t match the dress at all.

Busy Phillips

Another awful black dress. Is it back to front, or just a mess? If you’re young and gorgeous why not have some fun with style and colour instead of looking so bizarre?

Marisa Tomei

What exactly is going on with this gown? The best we can say is it looks like origami. Looks like Marisa is holding on for dear life.

Sharon Stone

Some call it ‘vamping it up.’ We call it Cruella deVille. There’s nothing good here: scary black dress, scary high hair, scary makeup. If looks could kill…

Julia Ormond

I’m not sure what kind of stylist thinks these tight dresses that billow out at the knee are a good look. Someone stuck in the ’80s, most likely. Older women in Hollywood have a hard enough time without being made to look this awful.

Emma Stone

Honey, this is not how you dress for the Oscars. Even in Chanel Emma manages to look trashy – or drunk.

Russell Brand

I know he’s eccentric and all, but there’s no reason you need to look like a sleazy car salesman, especially with your mum as your date.

Who is your worst dressed at this year’s Oscars?

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