Top 10 Travel Movies

January 28, 2011

Top 10 Travel Movies

If the holidays seem like a long time ago settle in with one of these top travel movies and enjoy being an armchair traveller this weekend.

1. Roman Holiday

Can you believe this was Audrey Hepburn’s first major film? When she tentatively sticks her hand into Rome’s La Bocca della Verita, or runs down the Spanish Steps, or rides the Vespa past the Colosseum, you want to click your heels and step back into 1950’s Italy and share a cafe with Gregory Peck.

2. Y Tu Mama Tambien

This movie is pure sex. Smouldering Mexican boys and isolated Mexican beaches, who hasn’t secretly dreamt of running away with a beautiful stranger, drinking cheap beers and looking out over turquoise waters…

3. Shirley Valentine

One of the best girl power movies of all time, housewife Shirley reclaims her free-spirited moniker and runs away to the beautiful Greek Islands, where contrary to popular belief she doesn’t fall in love with the local barman Costas, but with herself. Love it.

4. The Darjeeling Limited

This quirky indie film starring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman and Anjelica Huston is a visual feast to India filmed with jewel-like colours. Even the name is exotic.

5. Lost In Translation

It’s almost an anti-travel movie, highlighting the boredom and displacement we can feel on the road – in this case, Tokyo. And yet it taps into those unique, crazy moments that can happen to us if we’re lucky – like singing in karaoke clubs in the wee hours wearing pink wigs.

6. Before Sunrise

A love story between two strangers sharing one night in Vienna. The city is a beautiful backdrop to their time together, riding trams, kissing in ferris wheels, having their palms read by a gypsy, late night clubs. One of my all-time faves.

7. 2 Days in Paris

Paris is often depicted with all the familiar cliches: Eiffel Tower, check. Baguette-wielding grumpy Frenchman, check. Couple kissing by the Seine. Check. Julie Delpy presents us with this much more realistic modern-day Paris.

8. Sideways

Have to say, I really like this Napa Valley road trip with two quite unlikeable guys. I can almost taste the wine through the screen, it makes me dream of visiting those lush vineyards one day and wine tasting till I fall over.

9. Sex and the City 1

You either love or hate this first of two big screen adaptions of the famous 4, but regardless it continues to be a love letter to the city of New York. From the wedding-that-wasn’t at the spectacular NY Public Library, to those brownstone-lined streets, it’s no wonder Sarah-Jessica has called Manhattan the fifth star of the series.

The Spanish Apartment

This French movie is an ode to Barcelona and what it’s like being an expat. I love experiencing gorgeous Romain Duris’ acclimatisation to this beautiful city – at the beginning even the names of the metro stations sound exotic, and by the year’s end he’s swearing like a local.

What’s your favourite travel movie?

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