Top 5 Beauty Tips for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

From smooth, sexy legs to soft, kissable lips, you want to look your best on Valentine’s Day. Beauty Heaven editor Debbie Black shares her best beauty tips for your hot date tonight!

1. Hair removal ahead of time
Skin can often become red, bumpy and prone to irritation after hair removal, so it’s best to get fuzz-free at least 24 hours before your romantic date. This will not only give your skin time to settle down, but will also allow you to apply your favourite scented body lotion pre-date without worrying that it will sting or irritate your skin.

2. Choose one focus on your face
Valentine’s Day dates are a great excuse to glam it up, but you need to be mindful of not going overboard with the make-up. To keep things simple yet sexy, opt for either a seductive smoky eye or a sultry pop of colour on the lips – but never both!

3. Leave your mark – but not with your lipstick
If you decide to accentuate your lips it’s best to do it with a lip stain. Not only will it mean less time worrying about reapplying your lipstick after eating and drinking, but it’ll also ensure that the recipient of your kisses doesn’t end up with a face full of smudged lipstick. To keep your lips looking soft and luscious all evening, simply apply a clear gloss on top of your stain.

4. Keep strands soft
There’s nothing worse than trying to run your hands through someone’s seemingly silky hair only to find it completely immovable. Keep your hair ‘crunch’ free by opting for styling products and hairsprays that will keep your ‘do in place, but have a workable texture so don’t harden your hair as they set.

5. Scent yourself strategically
Your favourite perfume might be great on the nose, but I’ll bet it’s not that nice to taste! If you’re planning on some Valentine’s Day kissing and canoodling, stick to spraying your fragrance in your hair and on your clothes so that your partner can still smell the tantalising fragrance without having to experience a bitter aftertaste when kissing your neck or chest.

What are your favourite Valentine’s Day beauty products?

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