Top 5 Date Ideas (From First Dates To Long-Term Love!)

June 5, 2013

Whether it’s your first date or an anniversary dinner, planning the perfect date often leads to high expectations and zero results. So we’ve put together our top 5 ideas for all types of dates.

1. Date ideas for the first date

?This is the time for the both of you to get to know each other, so try not to put too much pressure on it. Since you are relative strangers, it will be tough to come up with the “perfect date” without knowing each others’ likes and dislikes, so keeping it neutral is a good idea.

Start the evening off with a coffee or cocktail to get some conversation going, followed by a movie and then dinner. Yes, it seems like a cliché, but it works! It is important to have dinner after the movie as it will give you a failsafe conversation topic and avoid those dreaded awkward silences.

2. A light and entertaining second date?

This is where it gets interesting; having already overcome that monstrous hurdle that is the first impression, you now get to lighten the mood.

Show that you listened to him during the first date – if he’s into stand-up comedy, take him to a comedy club; if he’s the outdoors type, choose to explore a national park; if he’s a gamer, unleash your inner child and compete in some arcade games.

3. Have some real fun

?These types of dates are best when they are with a guy who you already know. Maybe you’ve had a few dates already, or he’s someone you’ve been friends with for a while.

Taking him to a live music concert or festival is a great bonding experience, and it shows that you either have the same interests, or that you are willing to try something new. Amusement parks are also fun as they unleash your inner child – and you can grab onto him in times of sheer terror!

4. The romantic date or special occasion date

Men can be just as nostalgic as women – recreating your first date (or another memorable one) is sure to get his heart beating faster.?

Or you could pack a picnic with all his favourite snacks and find a nice secluded spot just for the two of you. If you’re not keen on spending too much, try visual reminders of just how much you love him. Get some helium-filled red balloons and tie little messages to the end of the string on each one; these could include how he makes you feel, things you love about him and significant photos of your relationship.

5. Something fresh and creative

?Doing something out of the ordinary can relight that spark in a long-term relationship, or it could ignite a new one. Here’s some more cute date ideas:

* Learn a new skill together in cooking courses or acting classes

* Relieve some stress at a shooting range – chances are high he’ll find you pretty ravishing in action à la Angelina in Tomb Raider

* Be a tourist in your home city for a day – go see the landmarks, museums etc

* Embrace nature and show him that you’re not just a city slicker

* Try a trapeze lesson – as long as the two of you aren’t afraid of heights!

What’s your best romantic date idea?

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