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September 6, 2014
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Spring has sprung and there’s no better time to consider a lifestyle overhaul to reverse the less than ideal health habits many of us develop over the winter months. But rather than splashing cash on pricey gym memberships or the latest fad diet, what if you could improve your health and wellbeing without spending a single dollar?

“Australians are currently spending $6.6 Billion a year on health and weight loss in a battle to reign in their growing waistlines,1 yet despite the increased expenditure (predicted to hit $7 billion by 2018-2019), obesity rates in the country continue to rise,” says Evan Matthews, creator and executive producer of free health and wellness online TV series, A Season of Change. “I think we know that it’s not about the money you invest, but the tools you’re given to bring about lasting change, and A Season of Change is just one of the great options out there for people looking for support in improving their lifestyles, without burdening the budget,” he said.  

1. A Season of Change: This online 12-week body, self-image and lifestyle transformation program is designed to help Aussie women nationwide to turn over a new leaf during spring. Promising to deliver a 360 degree approach to wellbeing, viewers who register will receive weekly digital TV episodes for 12 weeks, containing stories on healthy eating habits, recipes, fitness motivation, exercise techniques as well as self-image awareness, fashion and style tips from a panel of experts including a nutritionist, chef, personal trainer, life coach, yoga guru and stylist. Additional resources such as weekly eating plans, recipes, fitness programs, behavioral insights and personal styling tips will be available on the website after each episode airs, providing a weekly area of focus for participants to work on. 

2. My Fitness Pal: This fast and easy exercise tracker and calorie counter is perfect to use on-the-go. It keeps a daily record of your calorie intake using its extensive food database and makes setting goals, food and exercise monitoring super simple, helping to motivate you to stay on track.

3. Daily Yoga: This dedicated and comprehensive yoga coaching app provides dynamic sessions for beginners and advanced yogis. This app utilises music, videos and a voice guide to lead you through a relaxing workout to refresh and energise the body and mind, keeping you centered and focused on your journey. Perfect for time poor people who love their yoga but don’t have the time (or the money) to catch a class.

4. Sworkit Circuit Training: Providing a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, Sworkit takes you through 5-60 minute routines that don’t require any gym equipment. Offering options for cardio, strength, stretching and yoga or a combination of the lot, this app will help build a randomised workout that kicks repetitive workouts sessions to the curb.

5. Traffic Light Food Tracker: An innovative healthy eating app that offers a traffic light rating based on total fat, saturated fat, sugar and sodium content in foods. The app helps to encourage you to limit ‘red light’ foods and replace them with ‘green light’ food products wherever possible, keeping you honest about your food intake patterns.

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