Top 5 Men’s Health Tips for Movember

November 1, 2013

It’s Movember, and we know what that means, it’s time for the blokes to grow a mo and for women to help support men’s health.

In light of the Movember movement and its crusade to raise awareness about men’s health issues, The Biggest Loser Retreat’s medical expert Dr Cris Beer has put together her top five men’s health tips – as prevention is always the best cure.

“Men are typically less aware about their health than women and, as a result, levels of awareness, understanding and funding support for men’s health issues lag significantly behind that of other causes,” says Dr Cris.

Here are Dr Cris’ top five men’s health tips:

1. Work on the beer belly
Many Aussie men sport a larger waistline than they should. Studies have shown that a waist circumference (measured at the naval) greater than 94 cm for men greatly increases the chance of a heart attack. On the flip side, this means that the leaner your waist the lower your risk.

2. Reduce the six-pack
By this I mean the alcoholic kind. It’s surprising how many men drink to excess daily without realising it. The current safe and healthy limits for alcohol is no more than two standard drinks a day on five days a week with two alcohol-free days per week. Alcohol is one of the largest contributors to an expanding waistline in Australia.

3. Reduce the salt, sugar, and fat
The easiest way to eliminate all of these in one hit is to reduce processed foods. Processed foods like meat pies, sausage rolls, biscuits, pastries, and chips contain an excessive amount of these modern-day killers. Stick to fresh salads, vegetables and lean cuts of meat.

4. Drink more
I’m referring to drinking more water of course! Many men work outdoors in very physical jobs and lose a lot of body sweat. This needs to be compensated by drinking enough fluid. You can tell whether you have had enough to drink by the colour of your urine. It should be clear or light yellow in colour and you should need to pass urine at least four times a day. Drinks that contain caffeine such as energy drinks, cola, and iced tea don’t count when it comes to fluid intake. In fact, these often dehydrate you further.

5. Be courageous enough to be different
Many men don’t see their doctor enough for regular health checks and then find that their health deteriorates to a point where they are seeing their GP all the time. Rather than having to fix something after it is broken, which can be painful and expensive, it’s always better to prevent it from breaking in the first place. This is also true of our health! Seeing a GP once a year for a men’s health check may prevent a whole range of illnesses.

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