Top 5 Spring Nail Trends

March 18, 2014
Spring Nail Trends

Your best and most stunning fashion accessory may just be at your fingertips. Literally. This spring, the top nail trends put your hands in the spotlight and feature quirky, colorful styles to suit every personality. As the weather warms up, try one of these fun new spring nail trends.

A Hairy Situation

The moustache trend has taken over T-shirts, barware, jewelry, stationery, and even the grills of our cars. It’s about time nails got in on the action! Top off your mani-pedi with some carefully crafted black handlebar accents or, for fail-proof perfection, try a set of ultra dapper mustache nail stickers to get the look.

Go Bold or Go Home

After an endless winter, uour favorite brands are turning out lines of vibrant hues that call to mind the rosy sunsets, exotic birds, and umbrella-topped drinks featured in the tropical getaways of your dreams. OPI’s latest Brazil collection features such vivacious shades as “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana,” “Toucan Do It If You Try,” and “Red Hot Rio.” Take the dare and opt for something that screams “Carnival” the next time you coat your claws.

What a Drip!

Throw caution to the wind and embrace a tip-topping trend that kicks French manicures to the curb. Draw outside the lines by adding a color drip accent to the top of nails. Have fun by first painting nails with different outrageous base colors of any kind then get to work creating contrasting color splashes on top. Big drips, little drips, dots, dashes, and more spring into action with the aid of a simple toothpick or try Sally Hanson nail art pens to really get your creative juices flowing.

Single Me Out

Add a little something special to your average manicure by letting one digit per hand stand out from the crowd. Paint both ring fingers in a shimmery or jewel-toned variation of the color you’ve chosen for your other nails. You can even experiment with intense glitter glazes like Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish or hunt down shades that play up the color of your eyes or match your birthstone.

Get Naked

Even in the midst of all these zany color choices, never doubt the beauty of the natural skin you’re in! Make like Zooey Dechanel and other trendsetting nail nudists by simply adding a layer or two of a quality clear base coat and decorating with a few, well-placed gold studs. It’s clean, classy, and gives your nails a little room to breathe.


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