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Top 5 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Gown

Top 5 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Gown

Top 5 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Gown

We’ve all seen enough reality TV to know that finding your perfect wedding dress can be daunting. To help find that dream wedding dress, we asked White Lily Couture Style Director Alera Kingham for her top tips to saying yes to the dress, sans tears and tantrums!

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Don’t overwhelm yourself

Trying on thirty gowns in one morning might sound like the perfect plan but you may end up confused and unable to commit to one dress. Start your search by creating a Pinterest or vision board which reflects your taste and budget.

Shop when you’re ready to buy

When you make your appointment be clear about your wedding date. Browsing for ideas more than a year ahead isn’t always the best option as bridal seasons change frequently. We recommend shopping 8 months out because most gowns are made internationally and have a 5 month minimum lead-time. If you are a bride in a hurry don’t panic, make an appointment to check out the Augusta Jones collection from the UK.

Top 5 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Gown

Keep an open mind

Try on different styles, it’s often the gown you’d never think of trying that makes you feel like a bride. Trust your stylist to find you the perfect dress because sometimes gowns that look iffy on the hanger can be a knockout on you.   

Make your opinion number one

Choose a maximum of four people whose opinion you value most to help you find the perfect dress and remember while family and friend’s opinions are important your vote counts the most.

Trust your choice

If you find ‘the one’ during your first appointment it’s not a bad thing! Saying yes to the dress is not meant to be difficult and the first dress you try on is often the dress you can’t stop thinking about. Once you have found the perfect gown, don’t confuse yourself by trying on more dresses, arrange your fittings and enjoy shopping for shoes and accessories!

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