Top 5 Tips For Women In Investing

July 3, 2012

Thinking of investing? Infinitas Asset Management share a few wise words about every woman realising their financial potential – it’s never too late!

1. There are advisors and portfolio managers who have authentic respect for and empathy with women. Some of them are men and some of them are women. Seek them out. No one should put up with condescension.

2. Moderately conservative investment applied with focus and discipline is a winning strategy. Don’t get talked out of it if it is what you feel comfortable with.

3. The long life expectancy of women means that most women should not avoid investment risk altogether.

4. Remain vigilant against inertia – whether it is leaving cash idle in a low-interest bank account of avoiding the search for a suitable advisor or portfolio manager.

5. Take pride in the fact that women often outperform men in their investment performance. Encourage the men that you know to consider investing more like a woman.

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