Top 5 Tips On Getting Motivated And Fit From Within

January 8, 2013

If there’s someone who knows how to get fit it’s champion natural bodybuilder and mum Michelle Nazaroff. She shares her top 5 tips to get motivated and be fit from within this year.

1: Create your ultimate physical vision

You must create a big physical vision for
yourself as this will inspire you to take massive
action. Start by standing up tall, shake your
body out, breathe deeply and stretch.
Get into a great state of positive anticipation
and with eyes closed think of what is you’re
ultimate vision for your body no matter what
age or current state you are in.
Think about what you would truly want, get a
picture of it, how would you feel and focus on
where you want to go. What you could do,
what would you do, how would you feel.

2: Find your ultimate purpose

While standing in this peak state and feeling this way ask yourself “WHY do I want this”,
what would it give you, who will you inspire when you achieve your ultimate vision. Think
about what is your ultimate purpose to go with this vision. Feel it, breathe it and enjoy it.

3: Think about roles and resources

Think about who would you be as this person in your ultimate vision; what roles would
you play and how would you feel.
Think about what resources you have available to you. For example hire a holistic
nutritionist to change your diet, hire an amazing personal trainer and detox your system
to correct and improve your internal environment.
What are some of the tools you have that could make this vision real?

4: Make it real by creating goals

While continuing to be in a peak state think about what are your goals for your body for
the next 12 months.
Is there a certain amount of fat you want to lose, do you want to increase your lean
muscle mass. List your top 3 to start with.
These physical goals must excite you and if you could achieve them within the 12
months you’d know you would be working towards achieving your ultimate vision on a
major scale. This would make you “want” to achieve these goals, intensify your focus
and multiply your motivation.
The second step is to create goals for 90 days which also excite you and when you
succeed in these they will set you up for success in your 12 month goals.
All these goals must be believable, specific and measurable to ensure success.

5: Capture your vision, purpose, roles, resources and goals

Immediately write down your ultimate vision, purpose, roles, resources and goals on a
large sheet of paper or your journal which you can revisit every morning when you wake.
What you focus on daily expands into your reality. And remember successful people do
what others won’t.

Michelle Nazaroff is a C.H.E.K Holistic Nutritionist, lifestyle coach, and whole food nutrition expert, as passionate as she is inspirational. Transforming others’ lives as well as her own, Michelle educates and empowers with natural Nutrition and Fitness with her team at Nazafit Online Health and Nutrition.

How do you get motivated for exercise?

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