Top 5 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Destination Wedding

October 2, 2013

Destination weddings are an amazing way to host your special day; you get friends, family, fun and a holiday packed in to a week-long intimate event that will create amazing memories for everyone who is able to join in.

And while more and more couples are choosing the destination wedding route these days, what most don’t realise is that there is serious planning required around the logistics, coordination, shipping and overall vision. When it comes to local weddings we’re pretty much set with a standard to do list, but there’s tons that destination brides don’t even think about when it comes to planning their weddings, especially those after the DIY look – for example who’s supplying the fairy lights and mason jars? How do you get the bonbonnieres to your exotic destination?

Narelle Williams, destination wedding expert and director at Global Weddings shares her top 5 tips to plan the ultimate destination wedding.

1.    Thinking ahead
A destination wedding doesn’t just mean jetting off to said destination and forgetting about the to-do list! As well as the wedding plans and your own travel arrangements, you need to remember your guests are travelling a long distance too. Don’t forget to think about their travel, accommodation and giving them all the necessary information about the local area. The best thing to do is sit down and write a to-do list of all the arrangements that need to be made for travel, shipping, decor (including sourcing, logistics and shipping of these items) and your dress and groom – to name a few key headings. Next, assign responsibilities and deadlines to each task. This way, you’ll banish that bridezilla and make the day stress free!

2.    Budgeting
From the onset, decide what’s important to you to take and what’s not. Get familiar with what items your resort can supply you with as part of the cost, what is outside of the package and what you’ll need to bring yourself. Trying to lug everything across the world is a hassle and not to mention expensive – especially if you have to pay excess baggage fees just to get your dress and veil across. So look into what is light and easy to send (think DIY faves such as fairy lights, jam jars, origami cranes and chalkboards), and decide what is most important to you and really adds to your vision for the day.

3.   The dress
You’ll need a special dress box to have freighted to your destination – check with your dress maker to see if they have one or you can discuss your boxing needs with your shipping company. Otherwise, full service airlines will allow you to take the dress on board and hang it in their business class cupboard even if you’re flying economy but you do run the risk of it getting squashed.

4.    The location
Do your research into the customs policies for your destination. Some countries don’t allow fruit, wood or other items, so make sure the DIY items you plan to take are allowed in the country.

5.     Shipping
No bride should have to give up on the details – they’re the bits that everyone remembers! Excess baggage fees can be ridiculous, so do your research and cost comparisons and find a shipping company that suits you. If you’re going to an exotic location in the middle of nowhere, check out PACK & SEND, which will send absolutely everything and anything anywhere. Anywhere? Yep, anywhere.

Did you have a destination wedding? Share your experience in the comments!


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