Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Mind For Weight Loss

September 13, 2012

Are you thinking it’s time to lose weight, but not sure where to start?

Wellness Coach and National Program Director at The Golden Door Health Retreats, Fiona Cosgrove, says many of us know we would like to change something in our life – be it improve our fitness, change our eating habits, or gain control of our weight – most of us even know what we need to do, but what we struggle with is how to make that change last.

“People know they want to lose weight, they know they need to eat less or cut out the rubbish and exercise, so what do they do? Go on a crash diet, deprive themselves with an eating plan that leads to low energy and rapid weight loss, and then once they defer from the eating plan, gain weight equally as fast as they have lost it,” says Ms Cosgrove.

“What people actually need to do before they take any action is create a wellness vision. If your vision is focused on losing weight, then ask yourself what you would like to look like and feel like if you were lighter. And when you are lighter, what will it be like living your life in your new body?”

Ms Cosgrove says it is important to identify why you want to lose weight to motivate yourself to get started, but by taking the time to create a wellness vision of what your life will be like when you reach certain goals, you are not just focusing on the outcome, but also the steps you need to take along the way to achieve it.

Equally, challenges faced need to be recognised and Ms Cosgrove advises her clients to record both achievement and challenges in a diary.

As the National Program Director at The Golden Door, Fiona Cosgrove recognised that many of her guests would come to the retreat with a health or wellness goal in mind, however when they returned home, found it difficult to maintain the vision without the expert support provided at the retreat. With this
in mind Ms Cosgrove has developed the Extended Lifestyle Support Program (ELSP) at The Golden Door Health Retreat QLD, an Australian first, the program enlists the help of a Wellness Coach in an ongoing supportive role over a three-month period assisting guests to achieve their Wellness Vision in a realistic timeframe.

The Extended Lifestyle Support Program is designed as an option that can be added to the Golden Door Health Retreat QLD’s current five and seven day programs offering guests ongoing management of their wellbeing vision.

Fiona Cosgrove’s Top Five Tips to Prepare Your Mind for Weight Loss:

1. Take stock of your life – evaluate honestly how all areas are working – exercise, nutrition, stress management, relationships, work and sleep.

2. Create a vision statement of how it would be if it were all working perfectly – and why it is important to you to create those changes.

3. Look closely at the obstacles stopping you from making those changes.

4. Come up with possible strategies to overcome them.

5. Set 12 weekly goals around behaviors you would like to be doing regularly, rather than outcomes you would like to achieve, ensure each weekly goal increases in small steps that are achievable and will help build your confidence.

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