Top 5 Ways To Become a Bargain Hunter

May 15, 2012

With everything so expensive from groceries and clothes to TVs and technology, it’s time to become a smart shopper. Getprice shares their five top tips on how to grab a bargain everyday.

1. Be a “safe cracker”- trawl through ‘how to’ buying guides

Buying guides offer consumers information to help them understand various features of a product, particularly those that affect price. For example, a buying guide on TVs can explain the difference between plasmas, LCDs and LEDs and why LCD’s are generally more expensive than plasmas.

2. “Line ‘em up” – compare prices online

Stores price items based on a variety of things such as season, availability and brand. To get a good idea on what an item should cost on average quickly and easily, compare prices either online or on your mobile. Getprice has a handy mobile site and iPhone app that allows you to conveniently compare prices from thousands of retailers all in the one place and while on the go.

3. The “dice game” is not a game of chance – learn when to expect a sale

Finding a sale is often about waiting for the right time. For example, the best times to buy jewellery will be late January and early May, just before Valentines and Mothers Day when retailers have specific specials on items for these occasions. When it comes to fashion, it can be worth waiting until ‘end of season’ sales when retailers drop prices to clear items for new season stock.

4. Learn to persuade the salesperson to “come on down”

Most large retailers such as Dick Smith, Bing Lee and Officeworks have price-matching policies. It’s always worth requesting a price-match to secure a good deal. When attempting to price match, you must have proof of a lower price. Shopping apps for your phone are handy when it comes to sourcing the lowest prices while in-store.

5. Be careful of products with “two price tags”- pay attention to shipping costs

A common misconception shoppers have is that online prices are always cheaper than those in store. This is not necessarily the case. Beware of any hidden online costs. Prices to ship a product can vary considerably, especially if the product is being shipped from overseas.

What’s your favourite money-saving tip?

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