Top Hair Removal Tips From Fashion Week

May 6, 2011

Top Hair Removal Tips From Fashion Week

Ensuring that all models have touchably smooth legs on display for the Alice McCall show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Veet provided Suprem’Essence Easy Wax Strips to all models pre-show and were on hand for any last minute touch ups backstage.

The Suprem’Essence Easy Wax Strips are a luxurious option for hair removal, containing a wax formula enriched with essential oils and Perfect Finish Wipes with moisturising ingredients, to really pamper the skin. The strips were selected for the show, as they offer a no mess, no fuss, no cuts alternative, perfect for a fashionista who wants to pair perfect pins with the latest season Alice McCall creation!

Alice McCall says:

“It’s always important to have our girls looking perfectly groomed to showcase the collection. Having the girls with beautifully smooth legs courtesy of Veet is essential grooming that gives them that extra air of confidence to take to the runway today. ”

– Prep, prep, prep: If you have dry skin, apply talcum powder before waxing to ensure you get the best results from your hair removal regime.

– Use it on the run: like the models hectic schedules in the lead up to RAFW, the Veet Suprem’Essence Easy Wax Strips are perfect if you’re time poor. Use them anywhere, anytime to enjoy the long lasting benefits of waxing, without the preparation associated with heating up waxes. All you need to do is rub it between your hands, peel them apart and the wax strip is ready to apply!

– Upwards, not outwards: Don’t pull the wax strip outwards as this will only break the hairs, remove really quickly in one swift motion in the opposite direction of hair growth with the strip folding back on itself.

– Soothe and smooth: After strip removal, immediately apply gentle pressure with your hand or rinse with cool water to help soothe the skin. Use the Veet Perfect Finish wipe to remove any excess wax.

– Put it on the calendar: Waxing ensures your legs are hair-free for up to four weeks, so make it a monthly ritual – light some candles, pour yourself a bath afterwards and say goodbye to anything but silky smooth legs year round. The more regularly you wax the better the job is since these wax strips work best on hair between 2 and 5 mm long.

– Keep the ‘look’ for longer: To avoid ingrown hairs and prolong the runway ready look, models were also advised to exfoliate regularly, using a body brush and moisturise their legs post- waxing. Doing this also helps remove dead skin, leaving your legs glowing!

What’s your favourite hair removal method?

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