Top Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

August 2, 2014

Ever wondered why that certain hairstyle never suited you? There are a few certain factors to take into consideration when deciding on a new haircut – colour, texture and most importantly, your face shape. Check out our quick guide to nailing your next haircut.

Round face

An asymmetrical cut looks amazing on a round face, since the mix of lengths gives the face some much needed definition. A fringe, bangs, and shorter layers on the front will give some structure and slim out the face. If you want to go for a shorter haircut, choose a style which hits at the chin. This will soften out the face and bring some much needed body to the hair.

Top Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Oval faces

Oval faces have the tendency to look too long and tired, so why not try some blunt bangs instead. They will give the illusion of a smaller face, since the forehead will be covered up at the brow line. A short bob is another great choice since it frames the face and softens up the entire look.

Top Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Square faces

Opt for an asymmetrical bob which will even out any harsh jaw lines on the face. Make sure the strands hit slightly above the chin since this will dramatically transform the shape of your face. Add texture at the roots for a voluminous look. Side bangs are also a great choice since they take the edge off the jawline, and shift the focus to the high dimensions of the face.

Top Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Heart faces

If you have a heart shaped face, the best kind of haircut is one that hits directly below the jawline. This helps to frame the face, and makes it look less triangular. Balayage highlights at the ends of the hair will also make the face look sweet and soft.

Top Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

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