Top Skincare Tips For Men

May 21, 2012

As women we know our own skincare routine, but when it comes to men, they need all the help we can give them!

Olympian, world record holder and swimming champion, Michael Klim is one man committed to changing the face of skincare. No stranger to the hazardous conditions of sun, sweat and chlorine, Michael knows the importance of looking after his skin and has developed a range of skincare products called Milk by Michael Klim to help him and other men do just that.

Now, Michael’s wife Lindy wants to share his skincare secrets – showing that they aren’t really secrets at all, but common sense for the everyday male.

Here are Michael and Lindy’s top tips for educating your man on skincare…


Men generally sweat more and have oilier skin with larger pores than women. It seems strange then, that most men spend less time caring for their skin than women do! Along with shaving and brushing teeth, men should also use a cleanser and scrub on their face daily to clean and enhance the look of their skin. For younger guys with acne, cleansing is especially important to clear clogged pores and keep skin feeling fresh.


Sun, weather, pollution, shaving, chlorine… all of these things dehydrate the skin and increase the signs of aging – not a happy thought for anyone! Encourage your man to use a moisturiser on his skin; the best time is after a shower so he can simply work it into his daily routine (plus, hot water opens up pores for prime moisturiser absorption).


Not just a saying for the littlies, but for men of all ages. Protecting your skin from the sun is vital, and not just for your face. Even when you haven’t planned to be in the sun, the rays still get us: walking to your car, sitting outside at a café, the sun’s harsh rays are unavoidable. Using a Sunscreen + Moisturiser is a great way to ensure your face is protected.

Does your man have a skincare routine?

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