Top Tips For Bowel Health

June 20, 2011

Top Tips For Bowel Health

Bowel cancer is on the increase among young people according to Bowel Cancer Australia, with 14,000 Australians being diagnosed each year. There has been a 64 per cent increase in the incidence of bowel cancer in 20-34 year olds since the mid-1990s.

Jason Bennett is a health and food researcher for natural health company Lifestream, and shares his top tips for a health colon and maintaining good bowel health.

It is estimated that poor digestion and elimination is to blame for a host of modern discomforts yet most of these can be avoided just by eating more plants (the only source of fibre).

Many middle-aged people can have between 1-7 kilograms of undigested faecal matter stuck in their colon. This waste matter can cause gas, bloating and sluggishness.

A healthy colon relies on 5 things:

1. Good elimination

To keep the bowels healthy, it is important to make sure waste material moves steadily and completely through the colon and is eliminated regularly. Equally the waste material shouldn’t move too fast.

2. Good diet

A good, balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can help encourage the efficient elimination of waste material.

3. Plenty of water

Water is vital for preventing dehydration and cleansing the system. Drink enough to not be thirsty but not too much so you are bloated.

4. Relaxation
Allowing time for relaxation is very important for good digestion. Stress can hinder proper digestion and interfere with regular waste elimination. One way to keep relaxed and help the digestive system is to perform regular exercise.

5. Healthy bacteria

The long term health of the intestine is dependent on keeping a favourable balance of healthy bacteria over unhealthy bacteria. This balance can be upset by the overuse of antibiotics, processed foods and stress. Probiotics can help restore a favourable balance of good bacteria in the intestine.

If you would like help with bowel health as you change over to a more plant-friendly diet then take a natural fibre supplement based around psyllium with probiotics and probiotics such as Lifestream BowelBiotics+. Visit

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