Top Tips For Buying The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

April 22, 2011

Top Tips For Buying The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when we get the chance to show our mum just how much they mean to us. For all of their love and support over the years, it’s important to spoil mum on her special day. Jason Bogatai from luxurious Sydney gift store Bristol & Brooks has put together his top tips for choosing the perfect gift for mum.

1. Variety: buy a gift that is not the norm, a unique gift is often the most memorable and cherished. If possible try and avoid buying mum a similar gift to last year. Fresh and imaginative gift ideas say that you have thought about the gift and put effort in to find something unique.

2. Appropriate: match the gift to the occasion – Mother’s Day is all about spoiling mum and showing your appreciation for everything she does for you, so buy a gift that will make her feel special rather than a gift that spells hard work like an iron!

3. Presentation: the way a gift is wrapped says a lot about you and the way you feel about the recipient. Bristol & Brooks offer complimentary gift wrapping for all online and in-store purchases. Also take the care to choose a thoughtful card to accompany it.

4. Subtly pick up on hints: If your mum says “my jewellery is spread all over the house”, or “I always have problems finding a pen” take note of these great hints. If you can (without giving the game away) ask 1 or 2 questions that may help you isolate what she exactly likes and thinks is the solution to the problem. Also keep your ears peeled for any mentions when she’s reading a magazine as she might point out something she likes.

SheSaid top buy: Menu Jewellery Tree, $171.

5. Don’t buy a gift that is more suited to yourself!

6. Include the right people in your decision: If you’re one of two or three kids, get your brother or sister on board as well to buy mum a present together. When you combine funds you’ll be able to choose a present at a higher price point and really spoil mum!

If you’re buying the gift for your wife, on behalf of your kids, involve them in the selection process. This will make them feel extra special and, you’re never too young to learn how to choose the perfect gift!

7. Set Limits: Spend a reasonable amount of time researching and looking for a gift but realise that you are unlikely to find a perfect gift for the perfect price. Instead set limits on how much time you would like to spend researching, and what you are prepared to pay. In this way you are more likely to enjoy the process and the end product (namely giving the gift). Be reasonable, do not try to exhaust every online store or conversely buy the first thing you see.

8. Choose quality: quality does not necessarily mean expense. We have gifts starting from just a few dollars but all products in our collection are made with care.
SheSaid top buy: Celia Birtwell Outdoor Living Range, from $29.

9. Be sure: make sure your gift is one that you know your mum will like and appreciate. We have taken time to make sure our collection offers superb quality and designer gifts so that it is easier for you to find that special and unique gift idea.

10. Think about the recipient: think about her favourite colours, hobbies and interests. Does she enjoy travel, cooking or gardening? Select a gift that shows your understand what she enjoys to do.
SheSaid top buy: Eva Solo Orchid Pot, $120.

Bristol & Brooks is a luxurious gift store that offers a complete range of unique, imaginative and impressive designer gifts. You can shop online at Bristol & Brooks or visit their Sydney stores at Chifley Plaza or QVB.

What are you buying mum this Mother’s Day?

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