Top Tips For First Timers To The Snow

May 20, 2011

Top Tips For First Timers To The Snow

Your first trip to the now can be a tad daunting so the Aussie experts in snow adventures, Mojosnow, have provided some top tips to ensure you have an awesome time.


If you’re driving to the snow, be sure to get your car checked over before you leave including the tyres, brakes, cooling system and engine. It’s very important to check the battery as the cold weather can drain it quickly.


Obviously keeping warm is a must but the key is to think ‘layers’ that you can peel off when you get hot. Start with a layer of polypropylene underwear and then use various layers for warmth and waterproof protection. Most of your body heat will escape through your head so be sure to wear a hat or beanie. Also protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses.


Seek help from the professionals to choose the right snow equipment. There is a range of options across boots, boards, skis, and outerwear that can be overwhelming when unsure. With the right gear, you’re on the way to having an amazing snow adventure!


No we’re not talking red wine and martinis! Drink plenty of fluids as the high altitude can dehydrate you.


The snow reflects the same way water does so be sure to pack sunscreen. Also pack a good quality chapstick and a night mosituriser that will hydrate your skin before bedtime.


Find a friendly and fun instructor, like the Mojosnow Roadies, who can teach you some simple tips and tricks. Learning the basics means less bruises and frustration!


It’s super exciting being on the snow for your first time but remember some simple safety tips. Go slow, avoid trees and stay on the groomed runs to avoid ice and bumps.

Are you going to the snow for the first time this winter, or are you a seasoned snow bunny?

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