Top Tips For Hair Removal

September 15, 2010

Top Tips For Spring Hair Removal

Spring has sprung and that means pulling your favourite dresses, skirts and swimwear from hibernation. But they are probably not the only things you have been neglecting over winter. Here are our top tips for hair removal, so your legs are as prepared for this season as your wardrobe is!

Give your skin some TLC

No matter what technique you decide to use, it is important to exfoliate before hair removal and regularly moisturise. Not only will this help to prevent those nasty in-growns, but it will make your skin look healthy and fabulous! Try a body brush to remove dead skin and increase blood circulation – this helps prevent cellulite. A number of products, like Veet’s new Suprem’Essence wax strips and hair removal creams, now also contain essential oils to leave your skin nourished and smelling great.

Laser hair removal

A growing trend, this method can leave permanent hair-free results after multiple sessions by using a laser to destroy hair follicles.

Pros: You can be left with smooth, soft hair-free skin after around 8 sessions. Although it can be costly initially, you will save money in the long term never having to spend money on hair removal after you finish your sessions. The most common areas for laser hair removal are the underarms and bikini area, which takes around 5 minutes and you only need to go back every 6 weeks.

Cons: Can be a little painful, although the sessions are quick. It only works on dark hair, so if you have fair hair laser is not an option. There have been reports of permanent scarring, so only go with a professional clinic (see our top tip below).

Top tip: This is not the time to save money on the budget option. Have a consultation with a reputable laser clinic and only go with a clinic that is clean and professional. Many cheaper clinics have a high turnover of staff who are not properly trained and use older equipment.

Nad’s Laser Clinic offer free consultations and a 110% money back guarantee if results aren’t noticeable after one treatment.


Ahh, the old faithful razor!

Pros: It is quick, easy and pain-free (unless you cut yourself!). It is also a cheap option – razors are under $20, and have refills available. Depending on hair coarseness, razors can last between 5-20 shaves.

Cons: Hair grows back quickly, and usually thicker.

Top tip: Keep your razor head in mineral oil when not in use. This will keep the metal from corroding which will make the razor last longer!


Involves the application of wax onto skin which, when pulled off, removes hair from the root.

Pros: Long-lasting effect – hair is removed straight from the root, leaving you fuzz-free for weeks. As the hair does grow back, it usually gets finer with each wax.

Cons: It can be painful, and can leave skin red and swollen for up to a day. Also, frequent waxing by a beautician can be costly with a full leg wax costing anywhere upwards from $50. Alternatively, home
waxing kits are relatively cheap – try your local beauty supply store.

Top tip: Apply talcum powder to dry skin for more effective results.

Veet’s beauty scientist Anne says: Be gentle on your skin in spring and summer and make sure you leave 24 hours between waxing and going into the sun.

Do you have sensitive skin? Veet has recently released Delightful Gel Wax which is specially designed to gently care for sensitive skin when waxing legs, bikini, underarms and even facial hair. Containing nurturing almond oil, it is available at supermarkets and leading pharmacies.

Depilatory Creams/Gels

Depilatory creams work by breaking down and dissolving hair on the surface of the skin. Depending on coarseness of the hair, this process takes anywhere between three and 15 minutes.

Pros: It is the quickest hair removal method – you just lather or spray the cream over your skin and it does all the work. Regrowth takes up to twice as long as shaving. Veet now offers in-shower cream products that are water resistant, so you can continue to shower while it does its magic – a multitasker’s dream!

Cons: As with shaving, the creams only remove hair at the skin’s surface.

Top tip: If you have sensitive skin, make sure to do a spot test first.

With Veet’s In-Shower Cream, you get a great double sided sponge in the pack. As well as being really effective for helping remove hairs, try using the white side in a soft circular movement to exfoliate your skin at the same time.


Does anyone still use one of these? Those ‘as seen on TV’ little electronic devices that pulls the hairs out from the root were quite popular in the 90s.

Pros: With consistent use the hairs will begin to grow back finer and less frequently. It is also cost-efficient: a one-time cost of around $200 for the unit which will last for years.

Cons: Like waxing, it hurts and is time consuming. Also, because the appliances works like hundreds of mini-tweezers, the hair has to be long enough to grab which may mean having unsightly regrowth.

Top tip: Use after having a hot shower so pores are open and the hair is easier to pull.

What’s your favourite method for hair removal?

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