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July 17, 2002

If you want to be ahead of the pack when it comes to fashion then read on. We?ve got the hottest must-have buys for you.Bag of the week

Portman?s Voile bag, ($24.95) is the perfect accessory for every earth angel. It?s functional and cool and the ?home-made? look is hotter than ever. Pair it with faded second-skin jeans and a wide hip-slung belt and you won?t go wrong. Did we also tell you that your mobile, purse and lippy will squeeze in without any problems. Check it out at

Get Wedged

If you don?t have a pair already then head to your nearest shoe store and grab a pair of wedges. They?re comfortable and slick and believe it or not you can walk around in them all day. Trust us ? we do! There?s more of a base, which makes them easier to balance in than a pair of dainty stilettos. Sensible but sexy – mum would be proud.

The Kitten heel boot

This boot is one of the most flattering you can buy. A kitten heel is the one style a woman past her

eighteen), can wear without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. The kitten is a wardrobe must, but don?t expect to climb mountains in them. These dainty state of the art pumps are for dress ups only. You won?t want to walk much further than the length of the red carpet. Midas has some fantastic boots at the moment so check them out. For further information go to Bootcut trouser

The bootcut trouser has been around for sometime simply because it really is the most flattering cut for every shape. Because we are all conscious of our rounder parts – bums, hips and thighs, the flare at the bottom of a bootleg trouser helps balance the width and compliment our top halves. Just remember though, when you are purchasing the bootcut trouser: always wear them so that the hemcovers the top of the shoe.

also happens to lengthen the leg and you?ve got to be happy with that! Head to for a classic pair of black bootcut trousers or try Esprit, another store that always has a fantastic trouser.The Fitted Shirt

If you haven?t already noticed it all around you, that prairie top is going to be hotter than hot. Just have a peek in Esprit, Portmans, Sportsgirl or Witchery. However, if you want to look like a fashion pro and be even more ahead, go for the fitted shirt. They are not only more flattering on most of our shapes, but they stay put. They won?t leave office girls looking like they?ve just had a little romp in the stationery cupboard. That?s not to say it can?t look slinky as well. A fitted shirt can just be as sexy as an off the shoulder Prairie top. All you have to do is unbutton the top three buttons and wear it with a pencil pin striped skirt or jeans. Add a spicy brassiere underneath and voila! Added Lycra to the fabric will make it more fitted so search for one with a mix of cotton and lycra.

The Tight Sweater

Question: who doesn?t look great in a tight black sweater? Answer: no one! If you?re the lucky petite type, go for Audrey Hepburn style glamour in a turtle-neck with Capri pants and a pair of J.P Todd?s. If you?re a little bit bigger than little Miss Tiny, go for a fitted V-neck sweater with very little underneath. The V-neck will give the illusion of a long neck and slim torso. Don?t forget to wear something on the bottom though-tee hee hee. We?re harping on about Witchery again, but we seriously love it and let?s face it, they do have the fashion staples. You will find plenty of turtle-necks and V-necks there. Available now, but even better you might just get one on sale.

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