Top ways to score a date!

July 20, 2009

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Louisa Deasey has complied a personal selection of practical Feng Shui tips, fairy wisdom and Carrie Bradshaw dialogue to help you on the road to Date City. (PS: None involve drinking!)

Don’t look…

until you have practised a little magic. On a full moon write a list in red ink and specify what qualities make your ideal man (or woman). Pop it inside a red envelope and sit it next to two candles for three hours in the southwest side of your bedroom. Sweet dreams!

Expect the best

This one is easy. I’ve seen girls being chatted up on unmoving trams in peak hour when everyone is running late. The reason? They aren’t the ones grumbling and tetching and casting angry glares at the innocent man in the suit by the door. These people make the most of every second, looking for the positive, expecting the best, and having it come to them. Smile. Look for the good in everyone you meet. Act like you’re in love with life, even when you’re not. Mademoiselle Universe has a funny way of picking up our vibes and giving us what we focus on.

Dance like no one’s watching

In the words of my good friend Magda, after three vodkas “dancing is the best time to pick up a great guy because you look happy and free!” If you can’t dance, sway. Or better yet, enrol in a salsa class – that way you get to meet the instructors, too.

Walk a dog

My brother recently moved interstate and bought a dog – he’s had three dates from trips to the local park already! All girls have been nice. Nice people have dogs! You would be amazed at the flock of happy single people filling the park at 7am. Make sure you pat the dogs. If you pass the test they might introduce you to their owners.

Get lost

For some strange reason, people love to be asked for directions. I once got lost with a friend in Brighton and when we asked for directions we were invited to a party. It ended up being a fantastic night! In Sydney I stopped a man in George Street to ask for the bus time and he invited me out to lunch. (If you aren’t anywhere you can get lost, just looking confused seems to work a treat too).

Get back to school!

Learn something you’ve always been curious about. What are your passions? What makes you feel excited? Some personal favourites; Karate, saxophone, wine appreciation, advanced French…My best friend married her driving instructor. My sister married a fellow student from her Sanskrit tutorial…

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