Totally Addicted To Travel

July 8, 2014
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We all love traveling, don’t we? Seeing new places, learning about new cultures, feeling like a new person… Some people have a holiday once or twice every year, others take a break and travel for a long period but how do we know if we just enjoy traveling to relax or if we’re becoming addicted to it? Here are six things that usually lead to travel addiction:

Feeling the need to be pushed out of your comfort zone

Feel confused, don’t know what to do with your life and decide to have a break and travel? Or maybe you just graduated and feel ready to take a break and have the time of our life before starting a new career? These are usually the things that push us to explore the world and get us out of our comfort zone.

Enjoying everything and feeling grateful

Your adventure has started. You’re in a new country, ready to get the best out of your experience. You’re excited and everything looks so beautiful and better than home. You are ready to explore, meet new people and have great experiences.

The trip is over and you don’t want to go home

Home feels like a very far away place and you’re not sure about going back anymore. You had a break but now it’s time to face our responsibilities and keep on with life. But that doesn’t excite you one bit.

Home doesn’t feel like home anymore

You’re back to our normal life, maybe started a new job or a new chapter of life but the pictures of hiking or snorkelling won’t leave your mind.

Everything at home is different

It has been more than 3 months since you stopped traveling and while the feeling of home sickness softly lingers, you’ve changed so much. You’re torn: Keep traveling and try to make a life out of it or just wait for all these feelings to go away?

Totally addicted to travel

No matter what other people say, you want to feel happy again and the only way to do it is traveling. No matter what you have to do to survive, traveling is the most important thing in your life.

By Erika Cucchiara

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