A Trans Woman Answers Super Inappropriate Questions

September 26, 2019

“Do you have a penis or a vagina?”

This week, I spent some time with trans advocate, influencer and adult entertainer, Madison Max.

As an openly trans woman who talks about everything from her sex life to her gender dysphoria on her social media, Madison is dedicated to educating people about trans issues.

Perhaps one of the more frustrating and embarrassing aspects of being so open about her life, is the fact she says she’s often asked wildly inappropriate questions about her body and her transition by total strangers. 

So Madison sat down with me to detail the most cringe-worthy questions she’s asked on the regular, explaining why there’s literally never an appropriate time to ask someone who identifies as trans any of these things…

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Featured image via burst.shopify.com.

Join the discussion: Have you been guilty of asking any of the things in this video?

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