Traveling In Style: The Mini Fashion Bar

Nadine Dilong

Have you ever been on a holiday wishing that you’d packed that one cute dress you have or the more comfortable shoes? The future of traveling will eliminate the stress of packing the right clothes because European clothing chain Pimkie has come up with a simple, but genius idea: The Mini Fashion Bar.

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Imagine arriving at your hotel and besides a mini bar full of overpriced drinks and snacks, you find an entire wardrobe packed with the latest trends and weather appropriate clothes. Sounds too good to be true? Well, in Antwerp (Belgium) it’s already become a reality.

Pimkie has stocked hotel rooms with their latest collection so that you can browse, try on, and shop from the comfort of your hotel room. Need a different size? Just call the fashion concierge at reception and they will get it for you.

In every Mini Fashion Bar, you will find handy staples like a raincoat, comfortable shoes and accessories to dress up any outfit, but it doesn’t stop there; Pimkie stocks the Mini Fashion Bar with items that are appropriate for current events in the city that you might want to attend. How clever is that?

The easiest part is paying, as the clothes that you want to buy are simply charged to your room and you can pay everything when checking out. Can shopping get any easier? If you ask me, this is one of the best fashion related ideas in a long time and I wish every hotel I stay in from now on will have a Mini Fashion Bar.

So far, there are only plans for hotels in Europe to introduce it, but I have a feeling that this concept could soon go global.

mini fashion bar

What do you think about the Mini Fashion Bar? Would you use it?  

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