We Tried Every Product In Benefit’s New Brow Line. Here’s The Verdict.

July 22, 2016

Brows on fleek.

Brows have come such a long way since we over-plucked them in the 90s.

Thankfully, we’ve learned from our mistakes and started to embrace full but defined arches – a much more flattering look than the barely-there Nike ticks of eyebrows past. *Cringe*

Good brows need a bit of maintenance. Waxing and tinting can take your brows from zero to hero, but unless you’re willing to get brow hair transplants (it’s a thing, no joke), those of us who aren’t blessed with Cara Delevingne’s caterpillars have to get a little help from brow products.

The ultimate go-to brand when it comes to anything brow related, Benefit, have just released a 9-piece brow collection catering to literally any brow problem – and it’s a game changer. We know because we’ve tried all of them. This is our verdict… (PS- We’re wearing the products in each pic.)

Benefit Gimme Brow, $39


What it’s supposed to do: The brush-on gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hairs creating fullness and definition.

The verdict: I’ve used Gimme Brow for years and have always loved the instant result of fuller looking brows. The new and improved tapered brush makes applying even easier.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, $42


What it’s supposed to do: The glide-on formula and goof-proof tip create full and natural-looking brows.

The verdict: It’s super easy to just glide this product over your brows and create more volume and definition. I also love the sturdy spoolie which gets rid of any excess product, ensuring I don’t overdo it.

Benefit High Brow Pencil, $38


What it’s supposed to do: This creamy eyebrow highlighter accentuates arches for brighter, bolder eyes.

The verdict: I actually loved this! I’ve tried using powder highlighters under my brows before and they either didn’t work or I was disappointed with the result. This pencil blended really easily and really made my arch more defined with none of the hard work. I’d use this every day because my brows are my fave thing about my makeup, and it is so quick and easy. 

Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer, $49


What it’s supposed to do: It works as a primer for extended wear and conditions brows, making them appear fuller.

The verdict: I was hesitant about this one at first, but I absolutely love it now. The gel contains keratin and soy proteins which have definitely had a thickening effect on my brows, and the soft touch applicator glides effortlessly over my brows leaving them looking like a fuller version of my natural arches.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil, $42


What it’s supposed to do: The ultra-fine pencil fills in the blanks with incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes.

The verdict: This product definitely delivers when it comes to precision. The tip is super fine, so you can achieve near perfect results every time and the shade is very natural. As someone with very little natural brow hair thanks to years of over-plucking who usually relies on a plethora of products to pump up my brows, this product has become my new go-to, I use it every day. Definitely top points for this one.

Benefit Ka-Brow!, $42


What it’s supposed to do: The cream-gel easily fills, sculpts, and defines brows.

The verdict: I love to use the Ka-Brow product when I want to make more of a statement. If I’m heading out on the town and a little more confident with my makeup, this precision product is perfect for defining my naturally pale brows and adding instant drama.

Benefit Brow Zings, $55


What it’s supposed to do: This wax and powder duo kit includes everything you need to shape and tame brows.

The verdict: I love the fact this little pocket rocket includes two brushes, tweezers and a mirror, and still fits into the smallest clutch. It provides great coverage for a more dramatic look, which is exactly what I want for a night out.

Benefit Ready, Set, Brow!, $42


What it’s supposed to do: The invisible gel holds brow hairs in place and locks in makeup.

The verdict: This was a good product, but I think I’m still more partial to more sturdy gels. My brow hairs are really thick so it was harder to get the gel to stick to them. It was really easy to apply though and if you had thinner hairs it would probably hold them in place a lot better. You could literally use this every day for a subtle, natural, clean look.

Benefit 3D-Browtones, $42


What it’s supposed to do: It enhances your natural brow shade with subtle highlights and soft contrast.

The verdict: I’m a little scared to draw my eyebrows on each day, in fear of having two thick worms appear on my forehead. The 3D-Browtones is super easy to use, filling in my natural eyebrows without appearing thick and heavy.

Comment: What are your go-to brow products?


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