Trolls Hacked Trump’s Website To Make It Say Some Pretty Hilarious Stuff


Sorry, but LOL.

If you’re not a major Trump fan, chances are you’ll get a good laugh out of the prank a group of seriously ballsy internet hackers managed to pull off on voting day.

The hacker group attacked the controversial Republican Presidential nominee’s official political website to make it say some pretty hilarious stuff, including changing the site’s header to read ‘I’m Gonna Lose’ and adding the poop emoji.

The Trump campaign weren’t particularly impressed…


The attack was so expertly pulled off that it took a team of tech experts until late election day evening to fix the embarrassing gaff.


Thankfully, as with most things on the interwebs, nothing that’s put online is ever really lost. Especially this gem:


Something tells us Team Hillary had a good chuckle.

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