Trump’s First Days As President Are Scarier Than Anyone Imagined

January 25, 2017

We’ll just be over here, watching this Melania GIF over and over…

Donald Trump hasn’t even been President of the United States for a full week, and already he’s made good on some of the scariest of his campaign promises – and more.

Today, he’s set to sign an order to begin construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, a hugely expensive and ridiculous project that Trump claims will bolster national security by keeping immigrants out. He’s also planning to block Syrian refugees from entering the US, as well as banning immigrants and refugees from other “terror prone” areas of the world, and to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

In light of his inauguration speech, in which Trump declared that terrorism was ending immediately, that very day, it makes sense that he’s now scrambling to do everything he can to look tough on terrorism. The problem is, with zero political experience and even less foreign policy knowledge, there’s no possible way Trump can hope to curb terrorism, never mind ending it.

Of course, he can always tweet:

Besides building the wall and turning away refugees, Trump’s team has introduced the world to “alternative facts,” a term coined by Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway when she said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was simply providing “alternative facts” rather than outright lying when he went on Meet the Press to defend Trump’s bald-faced lie that his inauguration drew a bigger crowd than President Obama’s.

The hashtag #alternativefacts has already spawned hundreds of tweets and memes.

Despite the plethora of funny memes spawned by Trump’s reign of terror, there’s nothing amusing about his attempts to keep the public in the dark and limit freedom of the press. Trump has barred Federal agencies from issuing news releases, tweeting, making policy announcements, or otherwise communicating with the public. Apparently, the ‘Tweeter-in-Chief’ wants to be the only one tweeting at all.

As Americans watch Trump’s presidency unfold, this Melania Trump GIF reflects the way many of us are feeling, as any smiles we were still able to muster melt from our faces and our eyes deaden…

Keep your comfortable shoes handy; we’re going to need to keep marching.

Image via Cornelius Darrell Sunarjo / Shutterstock, taken at a Trump inauguration protest in Melbourne.

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