Trump Supporters Literally Want Guns In Bathrooms Now

August 22, 2016

Trump is terrifying.

At this point in the game, the lines have been pretty well drawn. There’s tons you can say about Trump, but you can’t say the guy has been covert about how terrible he is. His supporters back him precisely because of the awful things he says, either because they either believe and support them, or because they’re in such a deep level of denial that they actually believe it’s all hyperbole.

Either way, anyone in that camp probably isn’t budging unless he starts to say and do things that threaten racist white America.

So I don’t share this particular anecdote with any kind of hope that a Trump supporter will read it and suddenly see the light, but rather to underscore how very dangerous those supporters actually are.

We’ve heard a lot of anti-trans hate speech from the Trump camp, but a recent parody focus group drummed up some commentary from real Trump supporters that wasn’t funny at all.

Plenty of horrific suggestions came out of this focus group. Putting shock collars on Mexican immigrants, deporting immigrants by locking them in portable toilets that are placed “where Mexicans congregate, Home Depots, migrant farms,” and making abortion illegal except in low income cities. In these cities, abortion clinics would be like resorts and have a rewards package, presumably to prevent the ‘undesirables’ from daring to have children.

And just to push the seemingly impossibly wretched just a step further, they also approved a measure that would allow gun dispensers in women’s restrooms. The idea is that a cisgendered woman could access that gun and use it to protect herself from any transgendered woman that happened to be using the same bathroom. The idea was an immediate and unanimous hit. Apparently guns weren’t enough for them – one member suggests that multiple weapons be made available so that the woman can choose by which means she’d like to murder a trans person.

There’s a cognitive dissonance between rhetoric and action. Someone saying they’re going to beat someone up is a very different experience from watching someone get beaten up – and both experiences are very different from being beaten up yourself.

Maybe if you aren’t trans or aren’t a person of color, these ideas are still in that rhetoric stage for you. It may be hard to believe that these people are real – that they aren’t someone drummed up for the sake of comedy. But they are real. These people really exist, they really think that murdering trans people for using the bathroom is completely acceptable, and they really vote.

The most horrifying thing about the Trump campaign hasn’t been the man himself. It’s been the large number of people who support his vision for America. It’s a white, cisgendered, heterosexual future. Christianity doesn’t seem to be required, but being a Muslim would get you deported at best. Murder is completely acceptable, so long as you’re murdering the right kind of people.

I hate it when people compare political figures to Hitler since it diminishes the actual horror of the man and his reign, but several people much more well versed in history than I am have drawn those two comparisons for extremely good reason.

Trump is terrifying. The number of my fellow Americans who yearn for his vision for the future, however, is what has me terrified of what the future has to hold for us – whether he wins or not.

Video via YouTube.

Comment: How do you feel about the comments that came out of this fake focus group?

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